Don’t be a Meanie

We have it on good authority that God created everyone in his or her image.  We recognize and respect that God has no specific gender (otherwise how could he/she have created us in his/her image).  God is mad. God is mad at mean people.  God wants it to be known that until all of his/her creations are treated equally, he/she will send reminders to his/her people that we need to be nice.

So it’s up to you people.  Be nice, or suffer god’s wrath.


earthquake-4-sep10-0073 (1)

Biggest earthquakes of the day were in Algeria, Indonesia and Uzbekistan – all countries that are mean to gays.  Be nice and we’ll have a word with god to stop the earthquakes.  If you’re not going to be nice, we can’t be held responsible.


There were also floods in Indonesia.  Obviously the message has not gotten through.


We also understand there have been fires across Belize.  You really need to start being nice to the gays.

The world can take heed or not.

Act of Gay

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