It’s Getting Hot in Chile


Picture: AP/Government of Neuquen

Well, as the LGBT community in Chile have been disappointed by their President’s lack of backbone on the same sex unions issue – it appears that an Act of Gay may be a timely reminder about what happens when you neglect your gays.

The Copahue Volcano on the Chile/Argentina border is putting on a fabulous display resulting in a red alert for those on the Chilean side.  It’s interesting to note that Argentina is only on a yellow alert and that may be understandable as they are very nice to their gays.  They are one of the first South American countries to legalize gay marriage. So, take heed Chile – be nice to your LGBT people and you may find that your fabulous volcanic display remains fabulous and nothing more.  Right now though, we just don’t know how angry Mother Nature might be about discrimination against her beautiful creatures.  Act of Gay wishes safety and good fortune to the many, very nice people of Chile, who love and embrace their gay community.

Volcano Red Alert in Chile

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