Robocalls Cause Flooding in Chicago?


Lightning hits Wills Tower in Chiago  Photo by Jeff Gorski

Oh tell us it’s not true.  Could anti-gay marketing robocalls have caused an Act of Gay in Chicago? It appears to be a possibility with storms, flooding and thousands of people without power in Chicago today.

Flooding in Chicago

It seems like only a few weeks ago that some pretty mean people in Chicago sent out automated phone calls to people warning that an ‘Illinois lawmaker’ was accepting money from homosexuals in Chicago.  Now we’re not exactly sure how it could be proven that certain dollars are more homosexual than others unless of course they have implemented the pink triangle system for currency in Chicago.  Either way, as we, at Act of Gay, have learned – doing nasty things to gays can result in some nasty weather.  We’re trying to help you here – be nice or get flood insurance!

Beware Gay Money in Chicago Robocalls

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