Sheep Saves Dog! Miracle Act of Gay?


Photo by Jamie Simpson

It comes as no surprise to us that a cute little doggy that had plunged over a cliff in England was miraculously rescued by a sheep.  This truly could only be an Act of Gay.

Plunging Pooch Saved By Bleats

The LGBT community are renown for their love of our furry friends (and no rude jokes about pet shops or lesbians and cats please!).  Could there be any explanation for this unheard of event.  Not even the Coast Guard were able to find this poor pooch until someone heard a bleating sheep.  Was it by chance saying ‘help that poor puppy!’.  We think it might have been.

Now we agree that much bleating probably goes on in the British government too, but we believe that it was the fact that Great Britain’s House of Commons did something more than common by voting to legalise same sex marriage in England & Wales that resulted in the rescue of Dobby the dog.  Quite right for the home of the original ‘Queen’.  Cups of tea and cucumber sandwiches will feature at the celebrations when it must make it through the fabulous House of Lords.

From the Commoners to the Lords Love for All

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