Not Thinking about Balls Enough Nigeria

gay-soccer-player (1)

As we all know, gays love sports.  Lots of fit men and women sweating and showering together.  The opportunity for full contact and celebratory butt slaps.  It’s a shame that the Nigerian Flying Eagles didn’t embrace the fun loving thrill of soccer to its demise.  A 2-0 loss.  If there was anything that could be an Act of Gay, it could just be that small gust of wind that blows a ball wide.

The Eagles Crash Land

Why would the Nigerians be subject to an Act of Gay?  Well, they have decided to be super mean to the fun and fruity Nigerians in their midst by passing a law today which not only bans same sex marriage but will lock people up for setting up gay groups.  We’re  not sure what you call a group of gays – a gaggle?  A gobble?  Answers on a post card boys and girls!

Nigerians Hate Fags it Seems 

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