Red Eyed Crunchy Bugs Invade


Oh Virginia, with a name that sounds like Virgin.  Embrace your gays or embrace a plague of Cicadas.  Your choice.  It appears another Act of Gay has befallen Virginia residents.

“It is so loud it sounds like a UFO is landing,” she said. “It is definitely an invasion.”

“They’re ugly; they’re gross,” she said. “I don’t like bugs. They’re just everywhere.”

“All you see is the cicadas,” Mason said. “You can’t hardly see the flowers.”

The Great Virginia Bug Invasion

Virginia, we want you to see your flowers.  So, we think it might be wise to consider escorting the extremely rude and unpleasant GOP candidates out the front door and shutting it.  All Virginians deserve your love – except these meanies, who deserve nothing but a plague…and well, there you have it.   Love your gays or an Act of Gay may just come down to ‘bug’ you.

Virginia GOP one the Wrong Side of History

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