Gay Works in Manatee Ways


Photo art – Pete Yong

In Puerto Rico a Senate Committee is looking into allowing adoption by gay parents.  We all know that having gay parents is better than having no parents, but of course there are those lingering concerns.

Adam & Steve Might be able to Adopt in Puerto Rico

Concerns? What concerns?  Well, we have been repeatedly warned that same sex marriage will lead to inter species marriage, but what we haven’t considered is whether gay adoption will lead to inter species adoption.  Enter left – baby manatee.

Manatee To Become a Man Baby

Rangers in Puerto Rico found a poor little baby manatee stranded on the beach just like Moses. Could an Act of Gay be responsible?  Could this be a sign to the Puerto Rican government that everyone has the right to be adopted?   So, many questions. Let’s hope they get it right and further manatee miracles occur in beautiful Puerto Rico.

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