The Great Wine and Toilet Paper Disaster

wine TP

By now, world powers will have heard of Act of Gay as subversive queers begin to spread the word. So there is no excuse for the homophobic slurs and behavior of Venezualas new President, Nicolas Maduro, who seems to completely misunderstand the act of ‘down low’.  By loudly shouting that you like women and that you have a wife could suggest to many that  you are protesting much too loudly.  President Maduro, could your actions and words have brought an Act of Gay upon Venezuala? Curious minds want to know.

Calling Your Opponent a ‘Princess’ is Hardly Manly

We shall have to wait no longer it seems as only an Act of Gay could wreak the sort of havoc that a shortage of wine and toilet paper could bring upon any country.  Oh yes!  It has been announced that monks must now not only hide their sexuality in a closet, but their wine as well.

Venezuelan Wine Riots

That alone would be enough, but no, there’s more.  Toilet paper contraband.  Not to be outdone by monks, it seems that organised crime has begun to control the flow.  So, a word to the wise of Venezuala…tell your President to play nicely with the other boys and stop using homophobic slurs as we all prefer miracles to disasters.

Dirty Bottoms May Soon be Rampant in Venezuala

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