Zambia in the Act of Gay Radar Again


Image from 3R4 gaysia

Zambia, Zambia, Zambia such a country of beauty – except when it gets ugly.  You would think that locking people up because they want to leave more vaginas for those who love them would be bad enough, but no – they want to take it to another level.  Now, if you talk about AIDS you end up in jail.  We wish this were a comedy of tragedies, but alas, there is nothing funny about denying people their freedom to say ….and listen carefully Zambia as we don’t want to have to shout….criminalizing gay men leads to more AIDS.  What a freakulous revelation!  Yes, we actually mean that when you stigmatize certain people, they can’t get access to information and health care.  ‘No’ we hear the Zambian government saying.  ‘No, no, no!  We have to put them all in jail so that they’ll never have gay sex again’.   Do you hear how ridiculous you sound Zambian government?

Shhh is the Word When you Talk about AIDS in Zambia

So, in honor of Zambia making it onto the radar of Act of Gay twice in a short space of time and given that army worms were not concerning enough – let us introduce to you a beef shortage.  Oh yes, in a country that wants to lock up all their hot beefcakes, a beef shortage would be inevitable wouldn’t it?  Watch out because we’re coming after your sausages next!

We’d also warn Zambian farmers to be discreet in discussing the diseases responsible for this beef shortage as we all know what happens now if you talk about diseases and beef in the same breath.  Jail!  Talk about a load of bull shit.

You Will be Jailed for Educating and Informing in Zambia, Apparently

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