Act of Gay in Outer Space


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Birds do it, bees do it, even Ecuadorans do it….  Yes, we’re talking about love.  Apparently though it’s not part of ‘nature’ for gay Ecuadorans to do it.  It’s interesting that gay Ecuadorans are so much different from the rest of us natural gays.  Well, this is the case according to the Ecuadoran President, who has stated his opposition to both gay marriage and gay adoption.

Are Gay Ecuadorans from Outer Space?

You would think that a President would be a bit better informed, because if he were, he’d know that the most up to date research shows that children who have same sex parents are healthier and their families are closer.  I suppose the President of Ecuador doesn’t want Ecuadoran children to be healthier and have closer relationships with their parents.  That would be the only explanation we can see.

We Might Not Breed Them, But we Raise ’em Better

So, Act of Gay, in a far out demonstration of space power has to announce that Ecuador’s only satellite, with the immensely heterosexual name ‘Pegasus’, is now spinning wildly through space like a whirling dervish.


We also wouldn’t want to comment on the fact that Pegasus is only 4 inches in length.  We have no doubt that if the satellite had been built by gay engineers, it would have been longer and girthier and been able to withstand a bombardment of ‘space particles’.  Could this be an Act of Gay?  We urge Ecuador to get their President to read a bit more and get better informed and hire some gay engineers for their space program.

Ecuador Sends Heterosexual 4 inches Into Space – Space Not Impressed

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