Act of Gay Honors Angola’s LGBT Stars


TITICA RAPS TIGHT via DynamicAfrica

Act of Gay loves our transgendered brothers, sisters and everyone somewhere in between those two.  So, coming back down to earth (see our previous blog from outer space), we couldn’t find any place happier to land than right in the lap of gorgeous Titica from Angola.

We know that some African nations have been on the wrong side of Act of Gay recently, so we think it’s important to send some big ole Act of Gay good vibes to Africa when they play nicely and Titica is a perfect opportunity to do that.  Not only is she simply gorgeous and fabulous, but her nation is out and proud about their transsexual superstar.  She received a nomination in 2012 for the best female artist in South Africa and has performed for the President of Angola.  She’s a huge star and has a  legion of Angolan fans.

The Angel of Angola

Now we know it’s not all rainbows and unicorns for Titica, but we feel that Angola deserves a small Act of Gay to remind them what could be possible, especially if they take the huge step of appointing Titica to become their goodwill ambassador to the UN on HIV and AIDS.  Do it Angola and make yourselves leaders among your neighboring nations!

So, Act of Gay brings to you a true miracle, winning for their first ever entry into the Venice Biennale the prestigious Golden Lion award.

The golden one gets the most love

By supporting their LGBT artists, Angola have been able to benefit from an Act of Gay extending this love to all of their artists.  Keep up the good work Angola and who knows what Act of Gay will bestow upon you next.

The Golden Lion is a Miracle

But wait!  There’s more.  Titica is not the only LGBT star in Angola.  As an Act of Gay gift to our readers, please allow us to introduce you to this fantastic Angolan, openly gay, performer – Edy Sex.  We know you’ll love him!


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