Saint hoods of Fabulousness


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Act of Gay has long been concerned with the frantic silence from Christians who are not hateful, but who generally seem to lack a spinal cord.  Now, we thought that this may be some sort of pathology, some sort of inherent recessive trait that resulted in both an attraction to faith and a wobbly backbone.


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It appears we may have been wrong.  The Anglican Church was built upon a rebellion against the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church (and OK, also to allow that old bugger – oh yes, we bet he knew plenty about buggery and sodomy the ol’ lech – King Henry the 8th to divorce).  So it is very much to our delight to see that the air of rebellion still holds strong.  Act of Gay feels duty bound to recognize these brave acts of rebellion.

Act of Rebellion No. 1.  Reverend Marcus Ramshaw calls Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, a wanker!

Beat Your Bishop for God

Oh Rev. Marcus, we applaud you.  We also love that the Church of England’s Director of Communications, Reverend Arun Arora, felt duty bound to respond by using the word ‘onanist’, a word we think should be in much more common usage.  We call upon Rev. Arora to provide us with evidence that the Archbishop of Canterbury has never beaten his very own little bishop, or perhaps he should shut his mouth – lest he be cursed to hell for telling tales.  Can we say ‘pants on fire’?  Shame they aren’t Mormons or they’d have magic pants to protect them as outlined in our previous article on Utah, magic underwear and the quite extraordinary shop, Mormon’s Secret.

Act of Gay Loves Everyone, Including Mormons

Act of Rebellion number 2. Friar Sean Major-Campbell suggests that buggery laws are a good thing, as long as heterosexuals are exempt, with his reverend like tongue in his blessed cheek.

Campaigning for Sodomy for the Straights

In an outstanding piece of writing, Friar Major-Campbell rips Jamaican extremist religious terrorists a proverbial new asshole. That way they can be buggered twice.  For that we salute you Friar Major-Campbell.

So, Act of Gay has decided to take it upon itself to offer both Reverend Ramshaw and Friar Major-Campbell official Act of Gay saint hoods.

From us to you.  We gay boy scout salute you!



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