Grace University Has No Grace, Decorum or Dignity – according to Act of Gay


We at Act of Gay just want to make sure we’ve heard this correctly.  Grace University, in Omaha, Nebraska expelled a student for being a lesbian?  What century has this University time warped back to?  An institution that should be committed to the education of its students, destroys her academic career and then…..wait for it………they send her a bill for $6,000.

Absolutely No Grace University Charges Lesbian

This is archaic, certainly not part of any sort of education system recognized by Act of Gay as preparing people for the real world, where people have freedom of and freedom from religion – unless of course they live in a theocracy like Iran – but wait a minute.  That seems to be exactly the sort of world that Grace University wants to create.  Let’s look at some of their  stated philosophies and try not to laugh too hard.

“Mankind is morally depraved and is dependent upon and answerable to a holy God.”

“The teacher and student are both significant in the educative process with the Holy Spirit being the chief source of both.”

“The Bible, God’s inerrant, authoritative revelation to man, provides the essence of truth.”

Well that suggests they provide a well rounded education. They made this poor student, who promised not to have sex, attended their ‘counseling’ sessions and the bastards still kicked her out.

So, Nebraska, we hate to do this to you, but the Act of Gay arrow is now pointed straight at you. Please enjoy your droughts and heat bursts, courtesy of the power of the gays – because you know we have that power.

Lesbians Make Nebraska Hot!

Discrimination in Nebraska Means Less Beef

Act of Gay would also like to send this student a huge congratulations for so romantically proposing to her girlfriend at a Macklemore concert, marrying her partner and living happily ever after.  The best way to fight hate is to love well.  Go girls!

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