Loving Your Gays = Cheaper Gas


Berkey & Gay Furniture Co.’s salesrooms, Grand Rapids, Michigan.  [Grand Rapids views] (1870-1890)

Well, well, well.  It would appear that Grand Rapids Michigan may indeed have a long and gay history. At least its furniture does.  Either way, we’re happy to report that despite being lumbered with a completely bonkers politician wannabe, Richard Ryskamp, who describes himself as a ‘social conservative’ and has useful things to contribute to society such as:

University of Michigan engages in “the training of abortionists to the promotion of sodomy through courses like ‘How to be Gay.’”  Mr. I Am Obsessed With Gay Sex


He also said the diversity programs are immoral, and have popularized “homosexual conduct” and engaged in “mocking Jesus Christ.”

This charming piece of human detritus was trying to push his homophobic, anti arts and anti green energy beliefs upon the Grand Rapids Community College.  We do have to wonder how he managed to get himself elected to the Board of Trustees, but that is another issue.  Fortunately, the rest of the Trustees, aside from another questionable person called Richard Stewart, who founded the Evangelical Choir Society, voted against his motions for the College to stop funding diversity, the arts and green energy.

Grand Rapids Will Have Plays, Solar Energy and Gays

For this reason, Act of Gay feels it is time to recognize the town of Grand Rapids Michigan, as it seems to be a wonderful place which embraces its gays.   In fact, last Saturday, was West Michigan’s Gay Pride celebration with about 20,000 people in attendance.

Out and Proud in West Michigan

Not only that, but the much more entertaining and fabulous group the West Michigan’s Gay Men’s Chorus, who we adore for their natty dressing and adorable members, were there too!

With Grand Rapids Michigan just bursting at the seams with all this fabulousness, what on earth could Act of Gay do to truly let them know how much they are loved for their love of the gays.

Your gas prices are down!  Oh yes.  Time for even more celebrations.  Act of Gay has clearly demonstrated the immense power of kindness towards the gays.  This is our gift to you.

Gas Prices Take a Bow to Honor the Gays


image from rural intelligence.com

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