Today Act of Gay Salutes USA and Rhymes All The Way





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Well we just wanted to celebrate on behalf of all of our gay and fabulous brothers and sisters in the USA and say ‘Hooray!’. We are feeling very rhymey today but that’s because it’s a Gay Day in the USA!!!!

Fuck you homophobes

Just in case you don’t understand what all that means, let us help you.


Oh yes we did.  Did you get that you mean American homophobes!


It’s all about this now!


And in case you need some help understanding.

gay marriage usa the facts

Enough gloating now. It’s time for Act of Gay to present you with the sort of miracle that demonstrates the power of the gays and what happens when you’re good to them.   Well, Gay USA – you’re stock market is taking off in a big way!  Do I hear you say hooray????


Congratulations America and all our American Queer friends, fans, followers, reporters and everyone else.  Things can only just keep getting better!

American Stock Market Gets a Hard On for the Gays

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