Where the F*** is Newham and Can We Visit?


image from Demotix.com

Newham.  Where is it? What is it?  Why do we love it today?  We’re going to give you all a little lesson in world geography.  The photo above was taken as the Olympic Torch arrived in Newham for the 2012 Olympics.  A picture speaks a thousand words on Act of Gay.

Newham is a  borough of London and the stadium for the 2012 Olympics was built there. What, we wonder, would bring Newham into the sights of Act of Gay?  It would seem that Newham, a small part of London in the UK, has been keeping its loving embrace of all things LGBT under a bushel for some time and so we want to shine some light on this town of goodness.   We must admit  that we are not the only ones to wish to reward the town of Newham for it’s gay goodness.  Stonewall, the LGBT rights group in the UK, has been giving  Newham College an annual award for being one of the best employers for workplace for equality in the whold country and as the best college in the country for equality, and they have maintained that position for four years.

Newham College Loves Gays More Than Any Other

But today, we want to praise Newham for something a little bit different, especially for Act of Gay.  We’re praising Newham for praising Jesus in the loving spirit that Act of Gay believes Mr. Christ must have been all about.  Newham is about to welcome the first gay Nigerian to be ordained as a Priest by the Church of England. Praise the Lord, Lordesses and Act of Gay!

Nigerian Gay Priest Ordained by Church of England – Let’s Celebrate!


image from identitykenya.com

Rowland Jide Macaulay (he’s very handsome and we wonder if he’s single) a gay activist from Nigeria, will be ordained on the 30th of June and then serve as a curate in Newham.  Historical!

We hear you thinking ‘Wow, Newham couldn’t get any more hip than this’, but no, there’s more.  Newham is now actively campaigning and is one of the finalists to hold the Gay Games in 2018.

Newham Says Bring Us Your Fittest and Hottest Gay Athletes

For all of this, Newham, we adore you.  When Act of Gay adores you, good things happen.  Let’s take a look at what Act of Gay brings to Newham.

We’ll start with something, which we believe will be invaluable for dealing with any homophobes in Newham.  Newham are about to get a brand new mental health care unit for their hospital. It will be shiny and sparkling clean and available for crazy nut jobs who are not nice to the gays.

New Mental Health Care Unit Will Hopefully Cure Homophobes

That simply is not enough for the gay loving Newham though.  Can we top that?  Yes we can!  Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE, one of the most inspiring women in science today, shared her love of space and science with Newham this week.  Not only is she a space scientist without compare but she is also a consultant for Dr. Who.  Fabulousness on top of fabulousness.

Maggie Brings Outer Space to Newham

Oh my Act of Gay!  That would be just beyond any Act of Gay performed before.  But seriously folks. When we find a small town like Newham big upping the gays, we have to make sure they know what Act of Gay has done for them.  So, guess what?

The people of Newham received no less than 2,000 tickets to see The Boss, himself, Bruce Springsteen.  This is extra special because Act of Gay loves Brucie Baby.


Newham citizens are lucky, lucky people. Of course, if The Boss isn’t their cup of tea, then they got to see The Black Crowes, Kasabian or a number of other rockingly cool artists for FREE last weekend!!!  Act of Gay must truly love you Newhamians.

We just wanted to remind our readers what the Gay Games 2018 might look like, with this blast from the past at the Gay Games 2006 in Chicago (swoon!)


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