Act of Gay Salutes Gay Heroes and Heroines! – Go Montenegro!


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Take a second and imagine what it must be like to be the first public figure to ever come out of the closet in your country.  The first!  Well, in the tiny but beautiful country of Montenegro, this only happened two years ago!  This very macho part of ex Yugoslavia seemed to live in a state of blissful ignorance about their LGBT people until the emergence of Zdravko Cimbaljevic, an extremely brave man, a hero, who came out to his family and country following a violent homophobic attack against him.


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Despite being disowned by his own father, he’s moved forward to become a human rights leader for LGBT people in Montenegro and was one of the organizers of this week’s first Pride march there.


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Unfortunately, when you live in a country that is heavily steeped in patriarchal tradition, where any traits considered feminine would be something for a man to be ashamed of, this is what a Pride march has to look like.  Despite police protection, the marchers were subjected to a torrent of abuse and violence from ignorant and bigoted protesters.


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This was the picture of intolerance and hate that the brave Montenegrin Pride marchers had to face down.  It has been said many times recently that while equality spreads across some parts of the ‘west’; the USA and Western Europe, other parts of the world seem to be seeing an increase in homophobia and violence.  But for a country like Montenegro, this is not a good idea as they are trying to gain recognition in the European Union and this may prove to be a bitter set back.  You truly can judge a country by how it treats its vulnerable citizens and who wants a country that allows thugs and idiots to attack people expressing themselves freely.

In a classic act of closing the stable door after the horse has bolted and is 10 miles down the road, the Prime Minister of Montenegro said,

that his government “supports protection of human rights for all people without difference.”

The EU Wants You to Be Nice

Because Montenegro clearly has not experienced the power of the gay yet and because some of them appear too stupid to understand what being nice to people means, Act of Gay feels obliged to draw their attention to things that happen to countries that are not nice to their gays.

For example, roads can be easily washed away with a bit of flooding.


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Oh whoopsie.  You wouldn’t want an Act of Gay to make that any worse now would you?

Being Nice Can Prevent Landslides

Now of course Act of Gay could get upset enough to do other things that would make life uncomfortable. As well as landslides, we are always good friends with Mother Nature (as she is actually a naughty little lesbian thing) and we were just discussing the weather in Montenegro.  How would you like a heatwave?   Oh well, blame your nasty homophobes as they are the ones who brought you into the Act of Gay radar.  How about over 105 F or 40C. That hot enough for you?  That might make more men take off their shirts and then, who knows what might happen?

Getting Hot in Montenegro?

Or we could get down and dirty and make sure that the name of Montenegro is not just sullied and embarrassed internationally by dirty rabble throwing stones at people because they are different.  We could point out that Montenegro seems to be associated with international smuggling and well, that won’t make EU citizens likely to support any moves to bring Montenegro into the EU now will it?

Cigarette Smuggling? Really? Anyone for a fag?

Well Montenegro, Act of Gay is giving you some fair warning here.  OK, we’re sending a bit of international humiliation and bad weather your way, but we’d really love you to play nice.  Appreciate your LGBT people.  You have a beautiful country and they just make it even more beautiful.  If you don’t, you’re going to look like a bunch of ass backwards, uneducated and bigoted fools.  Your choice.

Meanwhile, we would like to invite our Act of Gayers to listen to this inspiring interview with Zdravko Cimbaljevic about coming out to his family and country, why and how that has affected  his life.  We salute you Zdravko!

Act of Gay Resurrections and Falling Cows in Brazil – Oh the Pope is There Too


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Act of Gay would like to remind all of our proud Act of Gayers out there that we have been repeatedly told that we are responsible for powerful events that occur around the world. We now own that power and we will not allow the Pope or anyone else to attempt to usurp us in that realm. So, this episode of Act of Gay is dedicate to the Pope, his current scandals, which ironically are of the gayest nature, and his visit to Brazil.


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These fantastic women know what’s going on and they went straight to the Vatican to let them know.  Just in case you don’t know who they are – these are Femen.  You may remember that a while back we covered Homen, a homoerotic homophobic men’s group, well Femen are a homoerotic homo loving women’s group and Act of Gay salute them!


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Just in case you didn’t understand quite how cool these women are, we thought we’d share one more gratuitous image of them because we love them.

Now, back to today’s episode.  After a week of tawdry and homolicious stories emanating from the Vatican, including our favorite about the Pope’s appointee to sort out their highly dubious finances being caught with a rent boy in an elevator, the Pope has just hit Brazil.

All the Closets are Full at the Vatican So Now They are in Elevators

Brazil is a Catholic country, but it’s also a country with lots of queers.  Wonderful, boisterous queers who held a protest upon the Popely arrival.  Not just any old protest but a good ole gay and lesbian kiss in!

Gay Kissing for Christ


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The above image is a graphic representation of what we think the kiss in may have looked like as we have no other images to show you at this point.  We feel it is an excellent representation.  Don’t you?

So the Pope not only has gays running riot around the Vatican and trouble in his bank accounts, but it appears that the queers are revolting.  Can’t imagine why.  Could it have something to do with the ongoing Catholic obsession with gay marriage.


image from viralpoliticsblog.wordpress

We think that the Pope should perhaps be focusing on the sins of his own rather than on the sex lives of others.

Investigators in Rome are combing through the 19,000 accounts held by the Vatican’s bank in search of money laundering and other crimes, in a long-delayed attempt to clean up the institution’s tarnished reputation.

Washing Money at the Vatican

As Act of Gay are feeling particularly benevolent towards Brazil and its gorgeous gays, lesbians and transgendered people, let’s look at what we will bequest upon them.

Since the Pope is present and he tries to claim all miracles for himself, we thought we’d show we’re in the same league.  The only way to do that would be…well..we suppose..resurrection.  So gays, let’s give some praise and claim our own little miracle. While the parents of baby Yasmin believe that the miracle of her resurrection was something from God, we’d like to enlighten them that the gays love babies and want them all to survive and live long and happy lives and therefore the power of the gay can, indeed, bring miracles.  If we can be granted the power of tsunamis and hurricanes, we also claim the power of giving life.

Dead  Baby Risen by Miracle – Could be Act of Gay

Act of Gay were also present to prevent a tragic baby killing cow falling incident. Sadly, our miracles normally only extend to babies and animals, so we must admit that we had a minor slip up and an adult was, in fact, killed by a cow falling through his roof. Nevertheless:

 In the second case, the cow just missed falling on top of a baby and a small child that were sleeping. The near-miss was described as a miracle.

Cows Fall Through Roofs in Brazil

Keeping true to our word about helping animals too, (though we do have some regrets about those cows) Act of Gay is proud to announce that we may have been responsible for Boss, the Brazilian drug sniffing dog, locating 6,919 packets of cocaine worth more than half a million US dollars this week.

Boss Saving Crack Babies Through Pawvention

So, today we’ve given you Vatican scandals, falling cows and resurrecting babies.  What more could you ever want from us?  If you have ideas, please do let us know.  While we wait, we’ll leave you with this video of the anti-Pope kiss in that was held in Brazil yesterday. Watch it and support our LGBT – and all the other letters in the alphabet – friends in Brazil. They’ve been invaded by the leader of all haters.  They need our communal Act of Gays.

Going Dutch! Act of Gay loves on Holland


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There’s always been something special, fabulous and very gay about Holland.  Could it be their rainbow inspired tulip fields?


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Could it be that even their marijuana is a little bit queer?


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Maybe it’s because somehow, even their military equipment seems a bit on the fagulous side.


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Could it be that it’s the home of the stupendously talented and never to be forgotten Sugar Lee Hooper?

One thing that has never crossed our mind when thinking of Holland is incredibly bravery in the face of ridiculous oppressive Russian hatred. So today, we are both surprised and a little bit alarmed to hear that four Dutch citizens were arrested and interrogated in Russia under their backwards and bizarre hate laws banning discussing homosexuality with anyone under 18.

Brave Gay Invaders Subvert Russia

While making a documentary about LGBT people in Russia, they have been accused of spreading ‘gay propaganda’.  Propaganda is of course, as we know, completely alien to Russia and they clearly have much to fear from foreigners importing their foreign gay ideas – because there are no fucking gays in Russia.


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We’ve dealt with Russia and it’s stupid oppressive regime in previous episodes of Act of Gay, so instead we’re going to focus on Holland and make sure that some positive Act of Gay is sent their way to thank them for their brave gay warriors.


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First, Act of Gay would like to recognize the collective Dutch amazingness with some great weather.  So get ready our little Dutch friends. Here comes the sunshine!


Warm & Sunny to You From Act of Gay

But you deserve more than good weather.  Now you’ve got us  thinking. What Act of Gay could we send your way?  Oh, wait a minute!  We know.  Millionaires.  We bless you with Millionaires!

The number of Dutch households with over a million US dollars has increased by 13% in the last year.  If gayness brings tsunamis it’s brought Holland tsunamis of cash.

Holland’s Canals to Fill With Money

As if that weren’t enough.  We just had to take it another step further and we know that now we’ve set another Act of Gay bar, up so high, other countries will be jealous – but we don’t care because you deserve it Holland!  So, what could get better?  Unicorns?  Ok, maybe not unicorns, but how about dolphins? Yes Holland.  Act of Gay is making sure that more dolphins are heading your way.


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Lovely Porpoises Make Us All Happy

Sunshine, dolphins and millionaires. Sounds like a good time will be had by all.  Stay brave you gay Dutch soldiers.  You make us proud.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in Romania


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Romania is not a country normally associated with gay activism.  At least by us ignorant little bunnies at Act of Gay.  As worldly as we’d like to regard ourselves, we still find ourselves resorting to classic stereotypes.  When thinking of Romania what comes to our minds are vampires.


Not wanting to be discriminatory of course, Act of Gay looked into this connection and was able to give a big sigh of political correctness when we discovered that the Romanian Tourism Board are actively encouraging the connection between Dracula and Romania.

Pulling the Stake out of Dracula’s Chest for Tourism

We also think of Romany gypsies when we think of Romania.  Gypsies like these.


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When we think of Romany gypsies, we don’t usually think of gypsies like THIS!


This is Azis, an out, gay Romany gypsy. Admittedly he is from Bulgaria, but we reckon that’s a moot point given his gypsy fabulousness, which Act of Gay felt obliged to share.  He is a major talent and we can only describe his music as sexy, gay, gypsy folk disco.  Try it, you might like it.  We know we’re huge fans now!

Having been terribly distracted by the gorgeous Azis, we now return to our normal broadcast. The Bucharest soccer (football) team in Romania have been very bad boys, but they’ve been spanked by the gays and for that we are thrilled.  Given that homophobes are usually closeted themselves, we suspect they might be thrilled too.

romania spank

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We are very proud of Romania’s gay mouthpiece, ACCEPT, for showing the football team what real balls are and for standing up for what’s right against stupid, stupid, stupid homophobic people.

A shareholder of the football team, Mr. Becali, when hearing that a new member of their team being transferred from another club might, just possibly be of the homosexual variety, he said:

“Not even if I had to close [FC Steaua] down would I accept a homosexual on the team…..Maybe he’s not a homosexual…but what if he is?… There’s no room for gays in my family and [FC Steaua] is my family. It would be better to play with a junior rather than someone who was gay. No one can force me to work with anyone. I have rights just as they do and I have rights to work with whomever I choose.

Even if God told me in a dream that it was 100 percent certain that X wasn’t a homosexual I still wouldn’t take him. Too much has been written in the papers about his being a homosexual…He could be the biggest troublemaker, the biggest drinker…but if he’s a homosexual I don’t want to know about him”

Rather than acting like mature and intelligent adults, the football team did not distance themselves from this statement and ACCEPT, took them to court for discrimination.  The case is quite complicated and finally was completed in the European Court of Justice, where the Bucharest football team were found guilty of discrimination.  Congratulations ACCEPT and all the beautiful LGBT people of Romania for fighting your corner so bravely.

Bucharest Football Team Gets Owned by the Gays

As Act of Gay are not just full of gay power but also purveyors of justice, we thought we’d give you a little look into sports in Romania so you can see exactly why this stupid, stupid, stupid homophobia might exist.

Just last month the United European Football Association (UEFA) gave the same Bucharest football team a suspended sentence for cheating.  Not only are they stupid homophobes but they are cheats as well.

Homophobia a Symptom of Other Badness

But wait. It’s not just their football teams either.  Those involved in Romanian sports were caught cheating in gymnastics as well!

Can’t you Win Without Cheating Romania

Act of Gay thinks that it’s time Romania remembers that it’s people were once persecuted too and so they should stop for a minute and think about what they are doing to their LGBT community. While Act of Gay does recognize that Romania has taken many steps in recent years towards some sort of equality, including introducing hate crime laws, this has not stopped terrible incidents of homophobia happening openly, such as during the showing of a gay movie in February during which LGBT viewers were threatened and terrorized by a group of spineless, cowardly bullies and the police stood by and did nothing.  You still have a long way to go Romania.

Idiot Bullies Terrorize Movie Goers 

Act of Gay is watching. Don’t make us feel like we have to re visit you.  Treat your gays right and we’ll stop mentioning the cheating for now.

In the meantime, we celebrate and join hands with our LGBT brothers and sisters Romania.


Gay Save the Queens!


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The shockwave felt around the world.  The Queen of all Queens, Queen Elizabeth II signed the little slip of rainbow covered paper that gave Royal Assent to equal marriage for all of the gays in England and Wales.  Unfortunately, those in Scotland and Northern Ireland may have a short wait, but we know that they won’t be far behind in equality.

Queer Subjects Get Royal Approval

The gays have always loved the Queen and she has reputedly always loved them in return, supposedly having many as her close employees and confidantes over the years.  On the other hand she also came under some criticism from gay rights campaigners in England for not opening supporting the gay community.  British human rights activist, Peter Tatchell, back in 2005 said:

The Palace says the Queen cannot be a homophobe. Look at all the gay staff she employs. So what? Is having queer servants proof of an absence of prejudice? I think not. Examine the way Elisabeth Windsor has treated her gay employees. Until a few years ago, there was a ban on Palace staff bringing same-sex partners to the annual Royal Household Christmas Ball. This Monarchy-sanctioned homophobia was overturned only after the gay rights group OutRage! protested outside Buckingham Palace. Shamed by public exposure, the same-sex partner ban was lifted. But why did it take an OutRage! demo to force the Queen to drop her discrimination? Gay staff should have bought an employment discrimination suit. They should have, but they couldn’t. The Queen is exempt from equality legislation. She can discriminate with impunity. The Monarchy is above the law and out of touch with modern standards of civilised behaviour.

Peter Called her The Queen of Homophobia Back Then

Today he’s celebrating with the rest of the LGBT community in the UK, but quite rightly highlights the fact that even though gays can now get married, the new legislation still, bizarrely, does not offer equal rights.  In fact it bars the Churches of England and Wales from performing gay marriages even if they choose to do so.

No Divorce for Gays on Basis of Adultery?

But we aren’t going to nit pick today.  Not when there is so much to celebrate. We’re so happy for the British boys.


image from

We’re delighted for the girls.


image from

We’re beyond happy for their children, families and loved ones.  Congratulations!!!!


This means that the Royal Family deserves a little bit of Act of Gay love; don’t you think?  So let’s see what our gay powers can do when the Queen makes the gay peasants happy.

Well first of all, as the gay community are the leaders in the fashion stakes, the queen has gone viral for her rainbow colored fashion sense and we believe that this, in itself is recognition of her Queenulousness.


We mustn’t forget that the Queen is expecting her great grand child at any moment now.  If that weren’t special enough, Act of Gay felt that a little extra love, sent her way, might just improve her mood enough so that she’d be happy to sign for the gays.   So, she’s got a second great grand baby on the way.  No chance of that lineage dying out any time soon.

The Royal Breeders Multiply

But if there’s one thing that excites the Queen more than babies, that’s winning at cricket, that uniquely British sport.  She was so excited by England’s win last weekend that she was reported to have given a royal fist pump.  We do find it ironic that she pumped her fist just before giving assent to gay marriage, but we’re too tasteful to go there. No really, we are.

Queen Pumps Fist

Truly, this is such a memorable and important event for the family of gays and the Royal Family of Britain, we felt that Act of Gay had to go the extra mile to bring something truly fabulous bringing both legacies together in preparation for the celebration. What better way to do that than in the amazing form of soul singer, Beverly Knight, known for her committed love of all things gay and who bravely once said:

” I think black people need to remember that whenever they gay-bash, they’re bashing at least ten per cent of their own community. I know a number of young, gay black men who live a lie every day of their lives because they are terrified of the ramifications of just being themselves.

“My friend who died hated the fact that being a black, gay man had to be such a burden for him. So it really breaks my heart to hear talented reggae artists falling into this trap of gay-bashing.”

Beverley Disses Homophobia

Beverley played at Buckingham Palace and we at Act of Gay believe that she worked her way into the heart and soul of the Queen to help her with her fist pumps and signatures, to make sure that England could celebrate it’s cricket and its gays in fine style.

Beverley Spreads the Love at the Palace

There are so many things that Act of Gay has come up with to make sure that this whole thing came together as it should. After all, we hold the power of the Gay in our well oiled fists, but we have one final little gift for the The Royal Family, which is both kitchly gay and royal.  The popularity of royal baby memorabilia has hit an all time high with the British public expected to spend nearly half a million dollars on it.


image from

We believe that there are two things that were likely to increase the popularity of the Royal Family:  A new royal baby (or two) and a shout out to the queers.  Well Queen Elizabeth II, you’ve hit the jackpot this time and we love you.

Royal Babies Worth a Fortune

But before we leave our wonderful Act of Gayers, we’d like to make sure that you never forget our second favorite Queen of England, Quentin Crisp.

New Zealand Gays Have Wings

image from You may or may not know that gay marriage in New Zealand will be legal from the 19th of August this year.  To celebrate Air New Zealand is going to hold the country’s first gay marriage at … Continue reading

Act of Gay becomes Act of Day of Respect for Eric Ohena Lembembe

Cameroon - rainbos

Act of Gay would like to mark this day as a day of remembrance for Eric Ohena Lembembe, a brave and bright gay rights activist and journalist from Cameroon.  This weekend Eric was found tortured and murdered in his home in Cameroon following threats from anti – gay extremists.

cameroon - eric-o-lembembe

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Act of Gay often makes light of homophobia around the world, but out of respect for Eric, his family, his loved ones, friends and community, we felt that this was not a day to make light of anything to do with homophobia.  This is a sobering reminder that homophobia, bigotry and discrimination towards human beings on the basis of who they love is wrong and promotes violence.

We extend our condolences to everyone who loved Eric and we hope that his memory will urge others to continue to fight for equality for all.

Hate Kills

Ooh La La – Leash Your Homoerotic Homophobes France

France - Homen 1

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Act of Gay is confused. We are tres confused.  The image above is, apparently, the modern face of French homophobia.  Just in case you’re not sure why we are confused.  Here’s another image of this group of French homophobes to send your brain and other parts into apoplexy.

france - homen beach

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The French have always done things their own way and it seems their homophobes definitely want to be different.  Act of Gay can’t imagine that they ever admire one another’s oiled, tanned, muscled bodies or show affection in public places.

france - homen 2

image from

Half Naked Hot Men Hate Gays

So, while Act of Gay deals with deep inner conflict about this group, who call themselves ‘Hommen’, a clearly self believed clever play on the French word ‘homme’, which means men in French, we promise to try to maintain our focus.  So, we will instead, turn to our duty as Act of Gay and deal out some sort of punishment that we feel fairly reflects this crime against the LGBT community.  Oh but it’s hard, and by hard, we mean, very difficult you dirty minded readers.

So, if French homophobes want to display their tight, honed, bulging bodies to the world, we believe that it is time that the French got a taste of their own medicine.  Meet the Tour de France mooning man.

france - moon tour de france

image from

This creative gentleman clearly thought up something completely novel to make sure that he got world wide exposure of his ass. Fame and success at last it seems.  But Act of Gay would like to point out that this is actually an Act of Gay message to all of those Hommen French Homophobes.  Please show us your asses.  Just a little bit.  C’mon.  Play fair.

Moon Over France

For our Act of Gayers who are disappointed with this minimal, pearly white Act of Gay, we have one other morsel up our flamboyant gay sleeves.

france tuber worm

image from

We’re not suggesting that this creature, known as a tuber worm, looks any thing like a certain type of dildo.  Well OK, maybe a bit like this one.

france - double dildo

image from

But what it does do is destroy potato crops and apparently it is creeping up into the South of France from the Mediterranean.

Dildo Shaped Worms Will Eat Your Potatoes 

What else could a dildo looking worm be but a message from Act of Gay?  So France, get your homophobes in line and show us their asses, or at least tell them to cover up a bit because the world thinks that they are the most homoerotic homophobes on the planet and that is just too ironic, even for Act of Gay.

Plenty of Good News in Pennsylvania – Act of Gay tells you why


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Did we, at Act of Gay, hear correctly?  Can it  be true?  We’ll never tell another lawyer joke again. The quite delightful Kathleen Kane, Attorney General of Pennsylvania, has refused to fight a lawsuit brought against the US State by the America Civil Liberties Union challenging the state’s ban on gay marriage.


image from

We’re happy to introduce you to this ballsy woman, who has shown solidarity with her queer Pennsylvania community and stood up for equal rights for all.

Act of Gay salutes the Pennsylvania Attorney General and hopes that the Governor will now do the right thing and refuse to contest the case at all.  It would be stupid to waste all those tax payers dollars on being W-R-O-N-G!

Doin’ the Right thing in PA


image from

It’s no surprise to Act of Gay that in the same week that the Attorney General of Pennsylvania has brought a ray of sunshine to the legal profession that miracles are occurring all over the state.

Is it a coincidence that on the same day that this announcement was made, a little 5 year old girl who went missing was found safe by two teenagers?

Act of Gay Says Hooray for Little Girl Found in PA

What could beat that happy ending?  Well, there were more child like miracles yesterday that may just be Acts of Gay.  We wonder what you call a 14lb baby?

Giant Baby Celebration

The children are indeed a gift that keeps on giving.

Little Ganesh Selvakumar of Pennsylvania, went to the White House yesterday and got to meet the fabulous first lady, Michelle Obama.  He received this honor for creating a simply delicious chutney recipe and was the Pennsylvania winner of the 2013 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge.  We have no doubt that a sprinkle of rainbow dust is what made the recipe a real winner.

Act of Gay Promotes Health in PA

Because Act of Gay is so excited by all these young miracles who symbolize the importance of equality, fairness and liberty for all, we’d like to make a big shout out to all the gay parents and families out there.  You make us proud!


Pennsylvania, Act of Gay reminds you that we may be able to heavily influence the possibility of miracles or natural disasters in your state because the gays were granted that power by those who hate gays. (Isn’t that ironic?)  We urge you to set an example to the rest of the USA that the home of independence is also the home of true equality for all Americans.  Please give children in Pennsylvania the right to have married parents, whatever their gender or sexual orientation and also give children the hope to know that they will grow up in a state free of bigotry, where they will be able to marry the person they love.

China’s Gay Marriage with the USA and Rainbow Love for Germany

image from China, you are in our big, fat, rainbow Act of Gay eye.  Many may not know it, but China has been ahead of the gay game for a while.  They decriminalized homosexuality before the USA and appear … Continue reading