China’s Gay Marriage with the USA and Rainbow Love for Germany


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China, you are in our big, fat, rainbow Act of Gay eye.  Many may not know it, but China has been ahead of the gay game for a while.  They decriminalized homosexuality before the USA and appear to be steadily working towards recognition of same sex marriages.

China Moving Towards Equality and Comradeship 

But that is not what has attracted our pink eye.  Chinese politicians are certainly not known in the west for being comedians.  But Vice Premier, Yang Wang, cracked a joke.  Not any old joke, but a joke about gay marriage.  Mr. Wang said about his relationship with US Treasury Jack Lew:

“In China when we say a pair of new people, we mean a newlywed couple,” Wang said about himself and Lew. “Although U.S. law does permit marriage between two men, I don’t think this is what Jacob or I actually want.”

Act of Gay loves humor and we love that being gay is something that world leaders will now comment on unashamedly and with gentle laughter.  Act of Gay does not see this as a slight to gay marriage at all, but as recognition of its validity.  OK, not perhaps between Jack and Wang, but we would never wish to force someone to have a gay marriage, despite what the crazies think.  So Jack and Wang, we honor and salute your not gay marriage and wish you all the very best for the future although we do think you’d make a very cute couple.


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Act of Gay thought it was Funny

Act of Gay will make no further pronouncements upon China or the USA for now as we are fully aware that our powers may interrupt important diplomatic negotiations, so, instead, we shall take you around the world to and unlikely hero.  A German soccer club!


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This is the utterly and uber cool but most unexpected face of LGBT love in Germany. This is a St. Pauli Football (Soccer) Club supporter.  Act of Gay love this and are thoroughly impressed. Not only do St. Pauli brandish the skull and crossbones as their insignia, they play AC/DC’s Hell’s Bells as their entrance song and they have banished all right wing elements from their stands.  They even have a gay chairman.

As if that weren’t fagulous enough, St. Pauli have just announced…wait for it….wait for it…wait for it……they will now fly the gay rainbow flag, symbolizing gay pride, at their stadium..not for one day…not for one week…not for one month..not for one year…..homoliciously permanently!  Act of Gay is now officially a St. Pauli fan, for life!


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After announcing that they will proudly be flying the rainbow flag they said:

“The club has been active for many years against homophobia and discrimination,” said St Pauli vice-president Dr. Gernot Stenger.  “With this flag, we are giving this highly-visible sign that these issues have great importance at St. Pauli and we are working hard on them.”

Soccer, Football, Whatever – Act of Gay are Fans Forever

Act of Gay needs to turn its great resources upon Germany.  Before that, one of Act of Gay’s favored gratuitous man shots from Germany. We just like to share the happiness.


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And another for the gals!


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Back to our normal broadcast.  Germany, this is what Act of Gay has for you, since you have produced a soccer team of such immenseness.

Act of Gay wants to make sure that Germany stays ahead of the game where homos and hotness are concerned, so you are now breaking records for creating solar power.

Sunshine Follows the Gay Rainbow

Act of Gay is sending financial stability to continue as long as you remain nice.

Spend Spend Spend in Germany

Oh yeah – and  you’re cyclist won the freakin’ Tour de France.  Amazing what we can do at Act of Gay!

Riding Hard and Fast With Act of Gay

And just in case our readers wonder what a cyclist that wins the Tour de France looks like. Meet Marcel Kittel, Germany’s hard riding hero of the day.


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