Plenty of Good News in Pennsylvania – Act of Gay tells you why


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Did we, at Act of Gay, hear correctly?  Can it  be true?  We’ll never tell another lawyer joke again. The quite delightful Kathleen Kane, Attorney General of Pennsylvania, has refused to fight a lawsuit brought against the US State by the America Civil Liberties Union challenging the state’s ban on gay marriage.


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We’re happy to introduce you to this ballsy woman, who has shown solidarity with her queer Pennsylvania community and stood up for equal rights for all.

Act of Gay salutes the Pennsylvania Attorney General and hopes that the Governor will now do the right thing and refuse to contest the case at all.  It would be stupid to waste all those tax payers dollars on being W-R-O-N-G!

Doin’ the Right thing in PA


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It’s no surprise to Act of Gay that in the same week that the Attorney General of Pennsylvania has brought a ray of sunshine to the legal profession that miracles are occurring all over the state.

Is it a coincidence that on the same day that this announcement was made, a little 5 year old girl who went missing was found safe by two teenagers?

Act of Gay Says Hooray for Little Girl Found in PA

What could beat that happy ending?  Well, there were more child like miracles yesterday that may just be Acts of Gay.  We wonder what you call a 14lb baby?

Giant Baby Celebration

The children are indeed a gift that keeps on giving.

Little Ganesh Selvakumar of Pennsylvania, went to the White House yesterday and got to meet the fabulous first lady, Michelle Obama.  He received this honor for creating a simply delicious chutney recipe and was the Pennsylvania winner of the 2013 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge.  We have no doubt that a sprinkle of rainbow dust is what made the recipe a real winner.

Act of Gay Promotes Health in PA

Because Act of Gay is so excited by all these young miracles who symbolize the importance of equality, fairness and liberty for all, we’d like to make a big shout out to all the gay parents and families out there.  You make us proud!


Pennsylvania, Act of Gay reminds you that we may be able to heavily influence the possibility of miracles or natural disasters in your state because the gays were granted that power by those who hate gays. (Isn’t that ironic?)  We urge you to set an example to the rest of the USA that the home of independence is also the home of true equality for all Americans.  Please give children in Pennsylvania the right to have married parents, whatever their gender or sexual orientation and also give children the hope to know that they will grow up in a state free of bigotry, where they will be able to marry the person they love.

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