Act of Gay becomes Act of Day of Respect for Eric Ohena Lembembe

Cameroon - rainbos

Act of Gay would like to mark this day as a day of remembrance for Eric Ohena Lembembe, a brave and bright gay rights activist and journalist from Cameroon.  This weekend Eric was found tortured and murdered in his home in Cameroon following threats from anti – gay extremists.

cameroon - eric-o-lembembe

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Act of Gay often makes light of homophobia around the world, but out of respect for Eric, his family, his loved ones, friends and community, we felt that this was not a day to make light of anything to do with homophobia.  This is a sobering reminder that homophobia, bigotry and discrimination towards human beings on the basis of who they love is wrong and promotes violence.

We extend our condolences to everyone who loved Eric and we hope that his memory will urge others to continue to fight for equality for all.

Hate Kills

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