New Zealand Gays Have Wings


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You may or may not know that gay marriage in New Zealand will be legal from the 19th of August this year.  To celebrate Air New Zealand is going to hold the country’s first gay marriage at 30,000 feet up in the big gay sky.  There’s nothing in the world quite like flying gays. Ironically, the Kiwi, Australia’s national symbol and the bird featured on the equal sign above, is unable to fly.


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Act of Gay is tickled rainbows to celebrate this announcement from Air New Zealand and will now point it’s gaydar towards this forward thinking airlines to show them just how Act of Gay appreciates companies that understand not just the importance of gay marriage, but the marketability too.

Gays Have Wings

The first Act of Gay pronouncement is that due to the celebration of gay marriage by this flying force, Air New Zealand is being granted with a Virgin for it’s own marriage.  Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia are now bed mates in the flying gays around the world industry.  They also fly straights.

Air New Zealand Lesbian Marries Virgin

This Airline is getting around and is mighty popular. That’s just the way it is when girls hang out with gays.  They have just hooked up with an entire baseball team.  Not any old team, but a team from the gayest town in America, the San Francisco Giants.  Now we know that New Zealand are normally known for their ‘rugger buggers’, errr..uhhh we mean rugby players.  Here are some of our favorite New Zealand rugby players.


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This isn’t just about baseball you know, Air New Zealand will be featuring the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team at the stadium, giving Americans a taste of the man’s game of rugby.

New Zealand All Blacks Have Date With Baseball Team

So Air New Zealand, Act of Gay salutes you in a flying gay sort of way and recommends that the gays of the world spend their flying dollars with you.  Act of Gay would like to remind the world that it isn’t just nations who can benefit or suffer from the power of the gays, but corporations too.  If you want our money, show us some love!


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Act of Gay could bring more wonders upon Air New Zealand if they would just do one more little, fabulous thing to show that they are truly committed to equality.   Have a look at this beautiful woman’s application to be a member of your cabin crew again.  You would make her dream come true and you would be worthy of many more Acts of Gay.  Hire Selaya!  Act of Gay proudly supports our trans family!

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