Gay Save the Queens!


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The shockwave felt around the world.  The Queen of all Queens, Queen Elizabeth II signed the little slip of rainbow covered paper that gave Royal Assent to equal marriage for all of the gays in England and Wales.  Unfortunately, those in Scotland and Northern Ireland may have a short wait, but we know that they won’t be far behind in equality.

Queer Subjects Get Royal Approval

The gays have always loved the Queen and she has reputedly always loved them in return, supposedly having many as her close employees and confidantes over the years.  On the other hand she also came under some criticism from gay rights campaigners in England for not opening supporting the gay community.  British human rights activist, Peter Tatchell, back in 2005 said:

The Palace says the Queen cannot be a homophobe. Look at all the gay staff she employs. So what? Is having queer servants proof of an absence of prejudice? I think not. Examine the way Elisabeth Windsor has treated her gay employees. Until a few years ago, there was a ban on Palace staff bringing same-sex partners to the annual Royal Household Christmas Ball. This Monarchy-sanctioned homophobia was overturned only after the gay rights group OutRage! protested outside Buckingham Palace. Shamed by public exposure, the same-sex partner ban was lifted. But why did it take an OutRage! demo to force the Queen to drop her discrimination? Gay staff should have bought an employment discrimination suit. They should have, but they couldn’t. The Queen is exempt from equality legislation. She can discriminate with impunity. The Monarchy is above the law and out of touch with modern standards of civilised behaviour.

Peter Called her The Queen of Homophobia Back Then

Today he’s celebrating with the rest of the LGBT community in the UK, but quite rightly highlights the fact that even though gays can now get married, the new legislation still, bizarrely, does not offer equal rights.  In fact it bars the Churches of England and Wales from performing gay marriages even if they choose to do so.

No Divorce for Gays on Basis of Adultery?

But we aren’t going to nit pick today.  Not when there is so much to celebrate. We’re so happy for the British boys.


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We’re delighted for the girls.


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We’re beyond happy for their children, families and loved ones.  Congratulations!!!!


This means that the Royal Family deserves a little bit of Act of Gay love; don’t you think?  So let’s see what our gay powers can do when the Queen makes the gay peasants happy.

Well first of all, as the gay community are the leaders in the fashion stakes, the queen has gone viral for her rainbow colored fashion sense and we believe that this, in itself is recognition of her Queenulousness.


We mustn’t forget that the Queen is expecting her great grand child at any moment now.  If that weren’t special enough, Act of Gay felt that a little extra love, sent her way, might just improve her mood enough so that she’d be happy to sign for the gays.   So, she’s got a second great grand baby on the way.  No chance of that lineage dying out any time soon.

The Royal Breeders Multiply

But if there’s one thing that excites the Queen more than babies, that’s winning at cricket, that uniquely British sport.  She was so excited by England’s win last weekend that she was reported to have given a royal fist pump.  We do find it ironic that she pumped her fist just before giving assent to gay marriage, but we’re too tasteful to go there. No really, we are.

Queen Pumps Fist

Truly, this is such a memorable and important event for the family of gays and the Royal Family of Britain, we felt that Act of Gay had to go the extra mile to bring something truly fabulous bringing both legacies together in preparation for the celebration. What better way to do that than in the amazing form of soul singer, Beverly Knight, known for her committed love of all things gay and who bravely once said:

” I think black people need to remember that whenever they gay-bash, they’re bashing at least ten per cent of their own community. I know a number of young, gay black men who live a lie every day of their lives because they are terrified of the ramifications of just being themselves.

“My friend who died hated the fact that being a black, gay man had to be such a burden for him. So it really breaks my heart to hear talented reggae artists falling into this trap of gay-bashing.”

Beverley Disses Homophobia

Beverley played at Buckingham Palace and we at Act of Gay believe that she worked her way into the heart and soul of the Queen to help her with her fist pumps and signatures, to make sure that England could celebrate it’s cricket and its gays in fine style.

Beverley Spreads the Love at the Palace

There are so many things that Act of Gay has come up with to make sure that this whole thing came together as it should. After all, we hold the power of the Gay in our well oiled fists, but we have one final little gift for the The Royal Family, which is both kitchly gay and royal.  The popularity of royal baby memorabilia has hit an all time high with the British public expected to spend nearly half a million dollars on it.


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We believe that there are two things that were likely to increase the popularity of the Royal Family:  A new royal baby (or two) and a shout out to the queers.  Well Queen Elizabeth II, you’ve hit the jackpot this time and we love you.

Royal Babies Worth a Fortune

But before we leave our wonderful Act of Gayers, we’d like to make sure that you never forget our second favorite Queen of England, Quentin Crisp.

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