Act of Gay Salutes Gay Heroes and Heroines! – Go Montenegro!


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Take a second and imagine what it must be like to be the first public figure to ever come out of the closet in your country.  The first!  Well, in the tiny but beautiful country of Montenegro, this only happened two years ago!  This very macho part of ex Yugoslavia seemed to live in a state of blissful ignorance about their LGBT people until the emergence of Zdravko Cimbaljevic, an extremely brave man, a hero, who came out to his family and country following a violent homophobic attack against him.


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Despite being disowned by his own father, he’s moved forward to become a human rights leader for LGBT people in Montenegro and was one of the organizers of this week’s first Pride march there.


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Unfortunately, when you live in a country that is heavily steeped in patriarchal tradition, where any traits considered feminine would be something for a man to be ashamed of, this is what a Pride march has to look like.  Despite police protection, the marchers were subjected to a torrent of abuse and violence from ignorant and bigoted protesters.


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This was the picture of intolerance and hate that the brave Montenegrin Pride marchers had to face down.  It has been said many times recently that while equality spreads across some parts of the ‘west’; the USA and Western Europe, other parts of the world seem to be seeing an increase in homophobia and violence.  But for a country like Montenegro, this is not a good idea as they are trying to gain recognition in the European Union and this may prove to be a bitter set back.  You truly can judge a country by how it treats its vulnerable citizens and who wants a country that allows thugs and idiots to attack people expressing themselves freely.

In a classic act of closing the stable door after the horse has bolted and is 10 miles down the road, the Prime Minister of Montenegro said,

that his government “supports protection of human rights for all people without difference.”

The EU Wants You to Be Nice

Because Montenegro clearly has not experienced the power of the gay yet and because some of them appear too stupid to understand what being nice to people means, Act of Gay feels obliged to draw their attention to things that happen to countries that are not nice to their gays.

For example, roads can be easily washed away with a bit of flooding.


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Oh whoopsie.  You wouldn’t want an Act of Gay to make that any worse now would you?

Being Nice Can Prevent Landslides

Now of course Act of Gay could get upset enough to do other things that would make life uncomfortable. As well as landslides, we are always good friends with Mother Nature (as she is actually a naughty little lesbian thing) and we were just discussing the weather in Montenegro.  How would you like a heatwave?   Oh well, blame your nasty homophobes as they are the ones who brought you into the Act of Gay radar.  How about over 105 F or 40C. That hot enough for you?  That might make more men take off their shirts and then, who knows what might happen?

Getting Hot in Montenegro?

Or we could get down and dirty and make sure that the name of Montenegro is not just sullied and embarrassed internationally by dirty rabble throwing stones at people because they are different.  We could point out that Montenegro seems to be associated with international smuggling and well, that won’t make EU citizens likely to support any moves to bring Montenegro into the EU now will it?

Cigarette Smuggling? Really? Anyone for a fag?

Well Montenegro, Act of Gay is giving you some fair warning here.  OK, we’re sending a bit of international humiliation and bad weather your way, but we’d really love you to play nice.  Appreciate your LGBT people.  You have a beautiful country and they just make it even more beautiful.  If you don’t, you’re going to look like a bunch of ass backwards, uneducated and bigoted fools.  Your choice.

Meanwhile, we would like to invite our Act of Gayers to listen to this inspiring interview with Zdravko Cimbaljevic about coming out to his family and country, why and how that has affected  his life.  We salute you Zdravko!

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