Mugabe is Shit


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We’re not known for mincing our words or mixing our metaphors (well OK, we do mix metaphors from time to time) and so there will be no holding back when discussing this piece of human detritus, Robert Mugabe.  This is a man who has systematically destroyed his beautiful homeland, through corruption, exploitation, racism, brutality, homophobia and generally by behaving like a totalitarian, greedy piece of shit.

The party he leads is called the Zanu PF and despite ‘winning’ an ‘election’ yet again, they have yet to demonstrate anything representing leadership.  They have though, true to form, behaved like a bunch of idiots.  Here’s one of their more intelligent campaign messages.

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It truly saddens us that this man and his lackeys have brought what was once a tremendous country, prosperous and full of hope into disrepute around the world.  Now, when people hear about the country of Zimbabwe, they think of torture, corruption, devastation and, most recently, homophobia.

zim stoning

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This awful picture, taken last year, when two men were accused of being caught having sex and one was stoned to death, gives just a little bit of insight into what Mugabe’s poison has created for LGBT Zimbabweans.

Thugs Murder Man in Homophobic Attack in Zimbabwe

‘Now the real fear is kicking in,’ said one LGBT Zimbabwean after homophobic leader Robert Mugabe claimed an election victory this week.

‘While [Mugabe] was campaigning for votes, he was castigating us. Before, people knew about homosexuality but didn’t want to talk about it, now they openly condemn us, and the violence is just too much.’

Other LGBT people are saying it’s best for them to keep silent, since self-identifying as homosexual is becoming increasingly dangerous.

GT from Chitungwiza said: ‘In my hometown we have been subject of insults, being forced to go to meetings and chant anti-gay slogans.

‘We are known to be a lesbian couple and the harassment and intimidation is too much. We once reported a physical attack to the police, but the case was silenced. Now we can’t even report the people harassing us as the police are also on their side. So we have resorted to keeping quiet.’

Did We Mention that Mugabe is Shit?

During the recent election campaign, Mugabe compared homosexuals to a variety of animals and then said that if they were locked up in  a house together and didn’t produce any children, they should be beheaded.  Yes, this is the sort of unintelligent shit that comes out of Mugabe’s 89 year old mouth.  Please. Someone.  Put him out of his misery.  No.  Put him out of our misery.  If anyone should have an epitaph on their headstone that says one thing only – ‘SHAME’ – Robert Mugabe would fit that bill.

Mugabe Should be Locked in  a House – for a VERY Long Time

Just in case you’re wondering how this nasty man could have ‘won’ an ‘election’, we thought we’d enlighten you with some experiences from local women.

“At least six women said they left home with their 12 young children after facing intimidation from village heads in Mukumbura district, Mashonaland Central Province soon after the 31 July poll. “

When He’s Not Busy Picking on the Gays, He Intimidates Women and Children

Act of Gay has been somewhat overwhelmed by trying to balance dealing with the shittiness of Mugabe without wanting to wish any more terror upon the people of Zimbabwe, but enough is enough already.  So, Act of Gay is just putting out a little reminder to Mugabe about what is possible and the power that we hold.

Perhaps he noticed the fact that the Zimbabwe stock market plunged following his ‘win’ of the ‘elections’.  That can’t be a coincidence now, can it?    I’m sure it’s really wonderful that Mugabe winning has resulted in:

“Most banks in Zimbabwe have stopped making new loans because of concern about economic policy under the new government, two chief executive officers of lenders said, declining to be identified because they didn’t want to anger the government.”

Winning Means Your Country Suffers – Fuck Off Mugabe

zim gays

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Act of Gay would like to extend our love, support and encouragement to all the brave LGBT people in Zimbabwe as we know that your future looks uncertain and with the growing aggression from Mugabe and his supporters towards gay Zimbabweans we know that must be a very frightening place to be.

Last year’s Mr. Gay Zimbabwe was forced to pull out of the the Gay World Pageant in Cape Town, South Africa because his family were terrorized by the government and we have no doubt that things are unlikely to get better in the current climate.  Act of Gay, must admit to being very worried about our LGBT brothers and sisters across Africa, where it seems that things continue to get worse but we also are in a constant state of admiration for their courage and honesty.

Mr. Gay Zimbabwe Forced to Withdraw from International Pageant

So, just in case you ever meet Mugabe and are worried you might not recognize him, Act of Gay wanted to make sure that it would be easy for you.  Just print out the picture below, cut it out and carry it with you. When you see someone who looks like that, just walk up to them and say ‘Mugabe, is that you?  You look like shit.’

zim you're shit

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