Ooh La La – Leash Your Homoerotic Homophobes France

France - Homen 1

image from policymic.com

Act of Gay is confused. We are tres confused.  The image above is, apparently, the modern face of French homophobia.  Just in case you’re not sure why we are confused.  Here’s another image of this group of French homophobes to send your brain and other parts into apoplexy.

france - homen beach

image from news.yahoo.com

The French have always done things their own way and it seems their homophobes definitely want to be different.  Act of Gay can’t imagine that they ever admire one another’s oiled, tanned, muscled bodies or show affection in public places.

france - homen 2

image from policymic.com

Half Naked Hot Men Hate Gays

So, while Act of Gay deals with deep inner conflict about this group, who call themselves ‘Hommen’, a clearly self believed clever play on the French word ‘homme’, which means men in French, we promise to try to maintain our focus.  So, we will instead, turn to our duty as Act of Gay and deal out some sort of punishment that we feel fairly reflects this crime against the LGBT community.  Oh but it’s hard, and by hard, we mean, very difficult you dirty minded readers.

So, if French homophobes want to display their tight, honed, bulging bodies to the world, we believe that it is time that the French got a taste of their own medicine.  Meet the Tour de France mooning man.

france - moon tour de france

image from thesun.co.uk

This creative gentleman clearly thought up something completely novel to make sure that he got world wide exposure of his ass. Fame and success at last it seems.  But Act of Gay would like to point out that this is actually an Act of Gay message to all of those Hommen French Homophobes.  Please show us your asses.  Just a little bit.  C’mon.  Play fair.

Moon Over France

For our Act of Gayers who are disappointed with this minimal, pearly white Act of Gay, we have one other morsel up our flamboyant gay sleeves.

france tuber worm

image from sciencedaily.com

We’re not suggesting that this creature, known as a tuber worm, looks any thing like a certain type of dildo.  Well OK, maybe a bit like this one.

france - double dildo

image from letmyou.net

But what it does do is destroy potato crops and apparently it is creeping up into the South of France from the Mediterranean.

Dildo Shaped Worms Will Eat Your Potatoes 

What else could a dildo looking worm be but a message from Act of Gay?  So France, get your homophobes in line and show us their asses, or at least tell them to cover up a bit because the world thinks that they are the most homoerotic homophobes on the planet and that is just too ironic, even for Act of Gay.


Plenty of Good News in Pennsylvania – Act of Gay tells you why


image from philidelphiaweekly.com

Did we, at Act of Gay, hear correctly?  Can it  be true?  We’ll never tell another lawyer joke again. The quite delightful Kathleen Kane, Attorney General of Pennsylvania, has refused to fight a lawsuit brought against the US State by the America Civil Liberties Union challenging the state’s ban on gay marriage.


image from politicspa.com

We’re happy to introduce you to this ballsy woman, who has shown solidarity with her queer Pennsylvania community and stood up for equal rights for all.

Act of Gay salutes the Pennsylvania Attorney General and hopes that the Governor will now do the right thing and refuse to contest the case at all.  It would be stupid to waste all those tax payers dollars on being W-R-O-N-G!

Doin’ the Right thing in PA


image from ebay.com

It’s no surprise to Act of Gay that in the same week that the Attorney General of Pennsylvania has brought a ray of sunshine to the legal profession that miracles are occurring all over the state.

Is it a coincidence that on the same day that this announcement was made, a little 5 year old girl who went missing was found safe by two teenagers?

Act of Gay Says Hooray for Little Girl Found in PA

What could beat that happy ending?  Well, there were more child like miracles yesterday that may just be Acts of Gay.  We wonder what you call a 14lb baby?

Giant Baby Celebration

The children are indeed a gift that keeps on giving.

Little Ganesh Selvakumar of Pennsylvania, went to the White House yesterday and got to meet the fabulous first lady, Michelle Obama.  He received this honor for creating a simply delicious chutney recipe and was the Pennsylvania winner of the 2013 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge.  We have no doubt that a sprinkle of rainbow dust is what made the recipe a real winner.

Act of Gay Promotes Health in PA

Because Act of Gay is so excited by all these young miracles who symbolize the importance of equality, fairness and liberty for all, we’d like to make a big shout out to all the gay parents and families out there.  You make us proud!


Pennsylvania, Act of Gay reminds you that we may be able to heavily influence the possibility of miracles or natural disasters in your state because the gays were granted that power by those who hate gays. (Isn’t that ironic?)  We urge you to set an example to the rest of the USA that the home of independence is also the home of true equality for all Americans.  Please give children in Pennsylvania the right to have married parents, whatever their gender or sexual orientation and also give children the hope to know that they will grow up in a state free of bigotry, where they will be able to marry the person they love.

China’s Gay Marriage with the USA and Rainbow Love for Germany

image from mgay.366la.com China, you are in our big, fat, rainbow Act of Gay eye.  Many may not know it, but China has been ahead of the gay game for a while.  They decriminalized homosexuality before the USA and appear … Continue reading

Do Gays Need Mace in Macedonia


image from keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk

Ok Act of Gayers, let’s be honest.  How many of you have ever heard of the Republic of Macedonia?  It’s likely that not many of you have.  So, first we’ll start with a little bit of geography and history. Macedonia used to be part of the country called Yugoslavia, until NATO bombed it and split the country into new countries.  None of these countries are known to be particularly nice to gays, but Macedonia has been particularly not nice recently and therefore has earned the ire of Act of Gay.


image from worldatlas.com

Macedonia is currently struggling to be accepted into the European Union. If a country doesn’t seem to be making any effort to be a little bit nice to their gays, why would they want that country in the EU?  Don’t get us wrong, we know that Europe isn’t close to perfect and there are plenty of countries there that haven’t always done the best for their gays, but why add something even more rotten to the stew?

Human Rights Watch has written to the Prime Minister of Macedonia to tell them to start being dear to their queers. After several worrying attacks over pride week in Macedonia with no arrests being made, Boris Dittrich from Human Rights Watch wrote:

“The police have a responsibility to protect all Macedonians, and to investigate all crimes,” Dittrich said. “The prime-minister and the other government ministers should show some political leadership by calling on all Macedonians to halt the anti-LGBTI violence and discrimination.”   “This troubling spate of anti-LGBTI attacks makes it all the more critical for the Macedonian government to take its Council of Europe commitments seriously,” Dittrich said. “The government silence after these attacks, combined with its general disregard for the basic human rights of LGBTI people, contributes to a vicious climate in which hate-filled people believe they can harass and threaten LGBTI rights defenders with impunity.”

Human Rights = Gay Rights

Macedonians are giving the world the impression that they are playground bullies, recently attacking the home of a successful out gay Macedonian actor, Peter Stojkovic, in Macedonia.  But still no action from the police.


image from petarstojkovic.com

As with many of these stories, there are ironic moments.  Completely unpleasant singer, Esma Redzepova, who claims to be a human rights activist, but clearly she is particular about who she considers human, blamed – guess who?  The gays, when her Eurovision entry didn’t make the semi – finals.  Apparently, it was some sort of gay conspiracy that kept her from making it through to the finals. Or, so she claims.

The charming words of this self proclaimed human rights activist were:

“This is an outrage!  Faggots! This event has been taken over by those who run gay pride parades all over the world. I had heard it all before but that was the first time I saw with my own eyes what’s become of this wonderful music competition. No wonder we did not qualify as it is clear who goes there.”


Human Non Rights Stupid Woman

Act of Gay would like to stop at this point and allow you, our loyal Act of Gayers, to watch a video of this woman’s entry.  We would suggest that if there truly were a gay conspiracy, she would have won gold with her woman in drag fabulousness and we do hate to admit she is gay fabulous.  But she is.

Now Macedonia that you have pointed the force of Act of Gay in your directions, we’d like to announce that Serbia no longer wants your tomatoes. So Macedonia, you may need to suck on them.

Stuff Your Tomatoes Macedonia

Even though you may not have a tomato shortage, the rest of your food is going up in cost. If only you had thought about being nice to the gays, maybe you wouldn’t be living on tomato soup now.

Bread’s Now Too Expensive to Eat With Your Soup

And now your women’s under 17 soccer team got thrashed by Switzerland on the same day your thugs tried to burn down the LGBT center.  What a surprise. Can’t imagine that Act of Gay weren’t watching.  Sorry girls, but until you can make out in the shower if you want to after a match without risking bullying in Macedonia, you may not score anywhere else.

Soccer Losers in Macedonia

Macedonia, you better buck up and love your gays. They really are a lovely bunch of people and they may just get you into Europe.


Chile – End Discrimination at ‘the End of the Earth’!


image – Chilean poster translation “And if it is born homosexual? You take away their rights? Law against discrimination now.

Chile is a country of contradictions.  Chileans say that Chile is at ‘the end of the earth’, but does it want to be at the back of the line in terms of protecting its citizens against discrimination.

How could a country that produces this…


image – Mr. Gay Chile contestants 2013 from gaiaespana.com

…be responsible for a constant and frightening source of bad news about queer bashing?  Daniel Zamudio was 24 when he was beaten to death for being gay by a gang of Chilean neo nazis.


Daniel, while still in a coma before he died from his injuries

Daniel Never Forgotten

How could a country, where over 70,000 LGBT people, their loved ones, families and supporters came out on to the streets to support gay pride this year..


image – LGBT Pride Santiago 2013 from gaysportnews.com

…have a young man of 19 waiting for his leg to be amputated right now after he was beaten by a gang of six cowardly men during a gay hate crime?


image – 19 year old Estaban Navarro waiting to lose a leg due to hate

Teen to Become Amputee Due to Hate in Chile

Spokesman Oscar Rementería criticized “the lack of public pronouncements by authorities on this case. Apparently for some solidarity and commitment to non-discrimination is determined by the media impact of a particular event, rather than by the severity of the violations.” He went on to say…

“A young man lost his leg last May, a young transsexual lost an eye and here almost all of the authorities condemned the murder of Daniel Zamudio , have kept absolute silence on the two latter cases, which is unacceptable.”

Do Something!

Chile did indeed pass a hate crime law following the brutal death of Daniel, but it seems that they are doing little to suppress gay bashing across the country and violent crimes against young lgbt people continue.


image – Francisco Aleman Casas, following an attack by Chilean soldiers after leaving gay club 

Attack after Anti Hate Law Introduced by Soldiers

Crimes like these are far too common in Chile and we urge the Chilean government to take the necessary steps to enforce laws introduced to prevent hate crimes and punish those who commit them.

As we know, many blame natural disasters and freaks of nature on ‘the gays’.  Well, Act of Gay, owns that power, absolutely and claims it as our own.  Therefore Chile, think about protecting your beautiful LGBT people or Act of Gay could be sending a wave of gay power your way!  Whoops. Maybe we already did.

 Wouldn’t you Prefer a Wave of Love?

Act of Gay Crossing Borders for Love


image from gayse.net

Look at these two handsome young men.  They show that gays are all about love.  Gays will conquer all political divides and it is for this reason that today, Act of Gay celebrates Irish people from both sides of the border.  What brought Ireland and Northern Ireland into the lamp light of Act of Gay, we hear you asking.  Two majorly very cool things.

Northern Ireland, a country steeped in religious tradition, lit up the town hall of their capital city, Belfast, with rainbow colors!


image from pinknews.com

Then, the Lord Mayor Mairtin O Muilleoir led the Gay Pride parade.

Pink Guinness Anyone?

Northern Ireland are proving to the world that they are leaders in the quest for equality for all of their citizens.  Top politicians from the country even formed a panel to answer questions presented by the LGBT community.

Politicians in Northern Ireland Know the Pot of Gold is at the End of the Rainbow

South of the border in Ireland, a gay rights hero has emerged of a different and faceless ilk.  All hail Paddy Hack!  Our favorite, mysterious modern day superheroes, Anonymous and it’s merry band of hackers were represented by Paddy Hack in an attack on Nigeria and its anti gay bill, looking to criminalize gay marriage and participation in gay social events with terrible penalties.

Today the Nigerian government woke up to this message on their website along with a demand for the President to renounce and veto the bill.

“Failure to follow our order will unleash a torrent of fury aimed directly at the direction of your administration, starting with some startling but unsurprising evidence of corruption in your ranks,” the message continued.

He added: “No need to start destroying evidence. I already have it.”


image from irishcentral.com

Act of Gay is now going to make its pronouncements.  First, we’d like to suggest that Act of Gay, in recognition of Belfast’s beautiful behavior, should get some beautiful weather.   Weather forecaster, recognizing the benevolency of Act of Gay, announced today,

“In Belfast it will be around 26C, so a very warm day with prolonged sunny spells.  The good weather will last right through the week with temperatures in the mid-20s. Every day should reach about 25C or 26C at least.”


image from belfasttelegraph.co.uk – marchers at Belfast Pride enjoy the great weather

You’re welcome Belfast.

But, because Belfast has been so extra good to their gays, we thought that Act of Gay had to do something in recognition of gayness, not just across the world, but across the spectrum of species.

Which animal do we know form loving, long term, monogamous, gay relationships?  Penguins of course!  So, Act of Gay is beyond excited to announce that Belfast Zoo have had the wonderful and clearly, miraculous, arrival of six new penguin chicks.  These chicks are born with a purpose – and that is to help with the conservation of their species.  But we’re  relieved to know that they were born in Northern Ireland and that even if they are LGBT penguins, they will be loved equally.

Potentially Gay Penguins at Belfast Zoo


image from worldzootoday.com

Just to make sure no one thinks Act of Gay is speciesist in any way, we care about the humans too.  Jobs for Belfast.  Act of Gay says they are heading your way.  Beannchor group is investing a heap of money into Belfast and will create 50 new jobs for humans by the autumn!

Gays Love Hospitality

Due to Paddy Hack, we felt that it was important to share the great weather with Ireland.  So today is the hottest day of the year so far.  Ireland has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but it isn’t often blessed with the sort of fantastic weather that Act of Gay is able to announce today.  So, Ireland, get to the beach and thank Paddy Hack for the sunshine!


image from independent.ie

Paddy Hack Brings Rays of Light

Act of Gay would also like to congratulate Ireland on their stupendous performance in the World Cricket League Game against the Netherlands, taking them one step closer to  qualifying for the World Cup in Australia – which is another country that Act of Gay loves.

We’re Waiting for an Irish Cricketer to Come Out Batting

Inspired by tales of fit men with large, hard wooden sticks and balls of steel, we leave you with this timely and gratuitous image of James Anderson, a friend of all gay cricketers.

“If there are any gay cricketers, they should feel confident enough to come out, because I don’t think there is homophobia in cricket.” – James Anderson.


Sing Out Loud and Proud for Singapore’s Gays!

Singapore has an LGBT movement to be proud of.  Home of the unique and fabulous Pink Dot Rally, this year over 20,000 Singapore citizens, LGBT people, their families, friends, supporters and loved ones gathered to make their voices heard. Pink … Continue reading

The Gay Marriage Costa Rica Whoopsie

image – puppy at Costa Rica IDAHO parade 2013 from innovationsoup.io Costa Rica is a beautiful Central American country, not known for being intolerant of it’s beautiful gay community.  Nor of its beautiful wildlife. from CostaRicagaymap.com Apparently though, it is … Continue reading

Cardinal Bite Your Tongue!


Last weekend the Dominican Republic held its annual Gay Pride carnival and showed the church exactly what good manners are.  It’s worrying to think that the church educates many children in the Dominican Republic and yet the head of that church, Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez, thinks that it is appropriate to publicly call the diplomatic representative from another country, a faggot.

Who are You Calling a Faggot – Pot/Kettle We Think


This man, in the gold embossed dress, called James ‘Wally’ Brewster, appointed Ambassador from the USA a maricon (slur meaning faggot in Spanish) during a press conference.  Is this really the sort of man that the church thinks will improve it’s dwindling credibility in the world?  Is this really the sort of representation of civility and maturity that the Dominican Republic wants?


The Dominican Republic has long been a popular destination for gay men.  From the photo above, we’re sure you can see three of the reasons.  Of course there are beautiful beaches and great clubs too.  The gays have a ton of money and they like to spend it, but maybe the gays will wisely take their money somewhere new. Someplace whose priests have more manners and know that the best way to be seen as wise is to think of something stupid and then not to say it.


Ambassador James ‘Wally’ Brewster, we’re sure, will be pleased to know that the local Priest has taken the time to insult him in public and there is no doubt that Act of Gay would like to be a fly on the wall during diplomatic events, where both are likely to be present.

So, Act of Gay would like to challenge this ill mannered Cardinal to a competition.  He can pray the gays away, shout abuse at people in public and we will simply contribute Acts of Gay to the Dominican Republic to remind him of the power of the gay.  As god made all in his image, we would remind him that god may not only be powerful and good, but he’s probably a little bit gay too.


 Image-A participant in Dominican Republic’s Gay Pride 2013 appears to wave at Act of Gay

Act of Gay hates to hit where it hurts, but sometimes it is just necessary.  Your economy is buggered (oh did we say buggered?  Yes buggered, you mean, name calling anti faggots).

Dominican Republic has had the slowest economic growth since 2004.  Now that all the faggots will stop coming to your beaches to spend their money, we suggest you rethink.

Pink Dollar Departure Could Tank You Too

Your horses are giving up the game.  We think they might be gay horses and this is why your horse racing industry has gone belly up.  Think about it.  Big steamy beasts with muscular long legs, breathing heavily with men on their backs.  That sums up your horse racing industry and why Act of Gay might just have this power.

You Did Frighten the Horses

Since your religious leader loves wearing a dress so much, we suggest that the Dominican Republic now takes up racing drag queens instead.


image from genderqueer.tumblr.com

So, Dominican Republic please embrace your gays.  It will make your country a better place and everyone else won’t think you are extremely badly mannered.  Cardinal, we think you might want to pray for a while and consider what the punishment would be in one of your schools for name calling.  A visit to the Priest for a little spanky?  Only problem is that you are the Priest.  Here’s a suggestion for you.


Homer Makes us Love Homos – The Simpsons 25 Years


Act of Gay normally remains in the real world, but there is no doubt that The Simpsons have become such an important part of modern day culture that they are almost real and so, today, Act of Gay feels it’s important to mark the contribution that The Simpsons have made to the  international LGBT community in their 25 years.  While we note that Homer Simpson’s fine form may have inspired many homo erotic fantasies in his time, we feel that there is more to this than his tight, firm, round buttocks and naughty grin.

German researcher, Erwin In het Panhuis, has discovered that The Simpsons have changed attitudes towards gay couples and even encouraged gays to break their way out of their closets.

The Simpsons are Gay Heroes

Many will be familiar with and fond of Patty Bouvier, Marge Simpson’s lesbian sister, who has always been out and proud and who almost married her lover Veronica.


But we shouldn’t forget the host of other LGBT characters in the show.  There have been eleven openly LGBT characters and a number more, who are in the closet.

Find Out What’s Queer in Springfield

In fact, Springfield even legalized gay marriage


Act of Gay, therefore, feels it is necessary to bring its blessings to one of the world’s favorite imaginary towns.

First, it is possible that Act of Gay used its powers to inspire this article investigating whether or not The Simpsons is actually TV’s most sacred show.

Act of Gay has ‘Faith’ in The Simpsons

Converse, the beloved shoes of vegan gays, may have received some encouragement from Act of Gay to collaborate with them on a line of fabulous, Simpsons inspired footwear.


image from Converse go homo..err Homer

Even more exciting than that, gay icon, Daniel Radcliffe will be returning to The Simpsons this year.  Oh swoon!

Handsome Daniel and Homo errr… Homer


Could Act of Gay be any more generous to The Simpsons?  Clearly, so.  Homer’s dream car has been turned into a reality by a racing team and competed this weekend in the Le Mons Race in California.  As unbelievable as it sounds, this is just a demonstration of what can be achieved when you are good to the gays.

See Homer’s Dream Car Here

And as if that weren’t enough, visitors to Universal Studios can now celebrate 25 years of the gay loving Simpsons with a Flaming Moe at their new and expanded Simpsons area at the park.

Time for Something Flaming (oh it’s just Moe)

Act of Gay loves the Simpsons and all its LGBT and closeted characters.  In honor of their contribution to the world of gay, we leave you with Homer’s Gay Song.