Caterpillar – Hot Trucks, Men’s Men and Boy Scouts


Today we congratulate and celebrate a bastion of true masculinity.  Caterpillar – known for heavy machinery and long lasting work clothes,  Act of Gay salutes you.  Caterpillar truly understanding what it means to be a man’s man, has withdrawn their financial support for the Boy Scouts.  And only true Men’s Men would be so comfortable in their masculinity as to have a female speak for them.

Caterpillar spokeswoman, Rachel Potts said:

“We have inclusive policies here at Caterpillar Inc., and the foundation abides by those,” she said. “We just don’t feel that our two organizations align.”

“However,” she added, “if there’s a change in the Boy Scouts’ policies, we would certainly consider a change in the future grants — if there was a change that aligned with what our non-discrimination policies are.”

Caterpillars Makes Trucks and Loves Gays

So, in true Act of Gay tradition, we are delighted to announce that Caterpillar have increased their dividends to investors by 15%.  In this economic climate, that can’t be anything but an Act of Gay.

Love Gays and Watch it Grow for Your Members

Caterpillar, we, at Act of Gay, love you – in a platonic way.  Nothing creepy or gropey – unless you wear some of those sexy work boots, then it might get hard.

hot guy in boots

image from David Dust – Hot Guys in Boots

Bwahahahaha! Minnesota – Act of Gay is coming to a theater near you!


Could the gays have genetically engineered gay mosquitoes?  If they could, might they be heading towards Minnesota with their best friends the ticks in tow?   We need to investigate.  But of course, Act of Gay does not take investigation seriously and is more inclined to histrionic claims of ‘the sky is falling’, which of course we learned from ‘you know who’.

So Minnesota.  In honor of your very own Rev. Mark Loder and his absolute ‘Lode’ of homophobic crap aimed at little boys,   (Already sounding a bit pervy to us) we present you with a plague, perhaps not of epic proportions, but as we all know – size doesn’t matter.

In one of the most idiotic statements of the week, Loder, from Minnesota (this is a man wankerishly banning the cub scouts from his church in case some of them might be a little bit on the rainbow side) said “I know it will come across that we’re not loving and we don’t want homosexuals around – and that’s not the message that we want conveyed,”

What  ‘Lode’ of Hate Filled Un Christian Non Tax Paying Bullshit

Minnesota, perhaps you should think about opening more loving, inclusive places for Boy Scouts to meet and start taxing people like Loder.  Just a suggestion.

In the meantime, please enjoy a plague of mosquitoes and ticks.

Specially Trained Gay Warrior Tick and Mosquito Plague