The Gay Marriage Costa Rica Whoopsie

image – puppy at Costa Rica IDAHO parade 2013 from Costa Rica is a beautiful Central American country, not known for being intolerant of it’s beautiful gay community.  Nor of its beautiful wildlife. from Apparently though, it is … Continue reading

Hell or High Water in Latin America – We Prefer Rainbows


Image from Gay Travel

An Act of Gay reporter has let us know that the power of the gays has been verified by the national news agency of the country of Belize.   After recent flooding and rising rivers, their news reports:

“Greg Figueroa – “This dah di first time. I noh know if dah the UNIBAM brings this flooding yah, I don’t know fi it is the vibes but things change cause I noh see wah flooding like this ever ina mi life.”   The News Verifies the Gays Did It

UNIBAM is a group in the country that is fighting homophobic laws.   As we know, some countries have a fear of anything to do with the anus.  Oh the buggers!  Belize takes this one step further and bans anyone who indulges in a bit of butt play from even entering the country.  So, if you’re visiting Belize, don’t try to slip in through the back door.

Is Belize one huge closet and are they all just screaming for liberation?

The Queer Barrier to Belize

Belize is a country with two hunky shirtless men on it’s flag. It is hot, sweaty and tropical and yet it denies its inner gay spirit.


Act of Gay is very happy to accept responsibility for bringing high water to Belize.  UNIBAM, the country’s group fighting for gay rights,  is far too busy dealing with mean, mean laws to bother with floods – so don’t blame them.  If you’re worried about more floods, be nice to your gays Belize or you’ll have to think about starting to build an Ark and this time, Noah will be a fag and no homophobes will be allowed!


Image by Artist Paul Richmond