The Scandal of Ken from Glendora and Not Living in Sin Enough


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Meet Ken.  Ken was a hugely popular teacher at St. Lucy’s Priory High School in Glendora, California, USA.   He was clearly valued by the administration as he had been working there for seventeen years and was the head of the English department.  He also taught dance and was trusted with the task of moderating the school yearbook.  He had also been open about his same sex relationship with his colleagues and employers, even introducing his partner to administrators.  Ken, being an upstanding member of the community decided to make an honest man of his boyfriend and, when it became legal in California, they got hitched.


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Enter the upside down logic of the Catholic Church.  While it seems it was perfectly respectable to have an unmarried gay teacher, living in ‘sin’, with his partner, that teacher getting legally married seemed to dissolve that respectability immediately and Ken was fired.  They didn’t even try to sound nice about it. They told him he had been fired because he had gotten married.  Wait a minute. Run that past us again.  He was employable as a gay man living with a partner but not employable as a gay man married to his partner?  Make much sense to you?  Us either.

Great Teacher from School With Useless Administration

But that’s the nature of religion and the power that it has as an excuse, justification and weapon in the oppression of others whenever someone wishes to do so.  It is with this in mind that Act of Gay would like to remind religious people that the world would be a much better place if we saw more of this:


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and less of this:


Of course there is more as Act of Gay has not even been able to boastfully announce the examples of demonstrations of the power of the gay, so we shall continue.    Every cloud does seem to have a silver lining because an ex student has started a campaign to have Ken reinstated.  He inspired so many students that they have rallied in his support and now have 45,000 signatures on a petition demanding he gets his old job back.  This is what his ex student had to say:

“As a proud alum of St. Lucy’s, I am hurt and saddened by this blatant discrimination against Mr. B. No one should be fired for marrying the person they love.  Along with current and former St. Lucy’s students, I look forward to taking this message, along with 45,000 signatures, directly to my alma mater. It’s the Christian thing to do.”

We must admit that we wish she was doing this because she thought it was the ‘right thing to do’ and didn’t need to involve Jesus, but we still admire her spunky little attitude. (no spunky jokes from the Brits! please)  We also love that other students in the community are coming out in support of marriage.  Oh the irony.  Act of Gay applauds Catholic School Girls for being pro marriage.  All you have to do is stick the word ‘gay’ in that sentence between ‘pro’ and ‘marriage’  and the whole thing goes crazy again.  Maybe that’s why we need to remind everyone that unless saying ‘straight marriage’ becomes the norm to refer to heterosexual marriages, we should just drop the sexuality bit and call them all ‘marriages’ and celebrate and honor them all equally – and then eat cake together.

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Because we’re proud of the spunky students from St. Lucy’s (OK we know we’re pushing it!), we feel that we would bestow the town of Glendora with some of our spunk (can’t help ourselves)  inspired miracles.

How is saving a senior citizen from injury or death?  Would that qualify if Act of Gay really wanted to impress you with miracles?  Well a 71 year old woman crashed her car into an ice cream place and right through the big glass window and escaped unscathed in Glendora.  Isn’t that a surprise?  Act of Gay gets Glendora in it’s radar and suddenly people become almost immortal.  We wonder if this 71 year old lady just happened to be an old student from St. Lucy’s.  An important question we think.

Ice Cream Crash

Not impressed enough yet?  We truly believe that these students and ex students from St. Lucy’s deserve more appreciation in their little town for their huge effort for their teacher.   We start with a word of advice.  When you’re shooting a movie for school that involves fake guns and a play acting robbery in a country where shooting people is very common, you might want to let the police know first. I’m sure everyone is probably thankful that Act of Gay may have just prevented those students from being shot by a trigger happy cop.  We also think that trigger happy cop also owes us some gratitude as it could have turned out very differently.

“One officer got ready to shoot when another intervened.

“When he didn’t drop the gun, one of the officers reached out and pulled the gun out of his hand,” said Capt. Tim Staab of the Glendora Police Department.”

Students Wave Fake Gun Around And Nearly Get Themselves Killed (but Act of Gay may have saved them – just sayin’)

That should have allayed all questions about the power of Act of Gay.  Never mis underestimate (borrowed, we believe from a US President) us.  Finally we leave our Act of Gayers and the people of Glendora with this final offering overflowing with our benevolence.

Could it be a coincidence that a shop celebrating religious harmony has just opened in Glendora?  Definitely.  Could it be a coincidence that Act of Gay is watching Glendora though it’s beady little pink eye?  Perhaps

Forget Your Gods and Love Each other in Glendora

If you won’t listen to us, then listen to St. Lucy.

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“It’s perfectly all right with me,” she replied. “Some of the most gifted people I’ve ever met or read about are homosexual. How can you knock it?”  Lucille Ball