The Scandal of Ken from Glendora and Not Living in Sin Enough


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Meet Ken.  Ken was a hugely popular teacher at St. Lucy’s Priory High School in Glendora, California, USA.   He was clearly valued by the administration as he had been working there for seventeen years and was the head of the English department.  He also taught dance and was trusted with the task of moderating the school yearbook.  He had also been open about his same sex relationship with his colleagues and employers, even introducing his partner to administrators.  Ken, being an upstanding member of the community decided to make an honest man of his boyfriend and, when it became legal in California, they got hitched.


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Enter the upside down logic of the Catholic Church.  While it seems it was perfectly respectable to have an unmarried gay teacher, living in ‘sin’, with his partner, that teacher getting legally married seemed to dissolve that respectability immediately and Ken was fired.  They didn’t even try to sound nice about it. They told him he had been fired because he had gotten married.  Wait a minute. Run that past us again.  He was employable as a gay man living with a partner but not employable as a gay man married to his partner?  Make much sense to you?  Us either.

Great Teacher from School With Useless Administration

But that’s the nature of religion and the power that it has as an excuse, justification and weapon in the oppression of others whenever someone wishes to do so.  It is with this in mind that Act of Gay would like to remind religious people that the world would be a much better place if we saw more of this:


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and less of this:


Of course there is more as Act of Gay has not even been able to boastfully announce the examples of demonstrations of the power of the gay, so we shall continue.    Every cloud does seem to have a silver lining because an ex student has started a campaign to have Ken reinstated.  He inspired so many students that they have rallied in his support and now have 45,000 signatures on a petition demanding he gets his old job back.  This is what his ex student had to say:

“As a proud alum of St. Lucy’s, I am hurt and saddened by this blatant discrimination against Mr. B. No one should be fired for marrying the person they love.  Along with current and former St. Lucy’s students, I look forward to taking this message, along with 45,000 signatures, directly to my alma mater. It’s the Christian thing to do.”

We must admit that we wish she was doing this because she thought it was the ‘right thing to do’ and didn’t need to involve Jesus, but we still admire her spunky little attitude. (no spunky jokes from the Brits! please)  We also love that other students in the community are coming out in support of marriage.  Oh the irony.  Act of Gay applauds Catholic School Girls for being pro marriage.  All you have to do is stick the word ‘gay’ in that sentence between ‘pro’ and ‘marriage’  and the whole thing goes crazy again.  Maybe that’s why we need to remind everyone that unless saying ‘straight marriage’ becomes the norm to refer to heterosexual marriages, we should just drop the sexuality bit and call them all ‘marriages’ and celebrate and honor them all equally – and then eat cake together.

glen rainbow-cake

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Because we’re proud of the spunky students from St. Lucy’s (OK we know we’re pushing it!), we feel that we would bestow the town of Glendora with some of our spunk (can’t help ourselves)  inspired miracles.

How is saving a senior citizen from injury or death?  Would that qualify if Act of Gay really wanted to impress you with miracles?  Well a 71 year old woman crashed her car into an ice cream place and right through the big glass window and escaped unscathed in Glendora.  Isn’t that a surprise?  Act of Gay gets Glendora in it’s radar and suddenly people become almost immortal.  We wonder if this 71 year old lady just happened to be an old student from St. Lucy’s.  An important question we think.

Ice Cream Crash

Not impressed enough yet?  We truly believe that these students and ex students from St. Lucy’s deserve more appreciation in their little town for their huge effort for their teacher.   We start with a word of advice.  When you’re shooting a movie for school that involves fake guns and a play acting robbery in a country where shooting people is very common, you might want to let the police know first. I’m sure everyone is probably thankful that Act of Gay may have just prevented those students from being shot by a trigger happy cop.  We also think that trigger happy cop also owes us some gratitude as it could have turned out very differently.

“One officer got ready to shoot when another intervened.

“When he didn’t drop the gun, one of the officers reached out and pulled the gun out of his hand,” said Capt. Tim Staab of the Glendora Police Department.”

Students Wave Fake Gun Around And Nearly Get Themselves Killed (but Act of Gay may have saved them – just sayin’)

That should have allayed all questions about the power of Act of Gay.  Never mis underestimate (borrowed, we believe from a US President) us.  Finally we leave our Act of Gayers and the people of Glendora with this final offering overflowing with our benevolence.

Could it be a coincidence that a shop celebrating religious harmony has just opened in Glendora?  Definitely.  Could it be a coincidence that Act of Gay is watching Glendora though it’s beady little pink eye?  Perhaps

Forget Your Gods and Love Each other in Glendora

If you won’t listen to us, then listen to St. Lucy.

glen StLucy_lrg

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“It’s perfectly all right with me,” she replied. “Some of the most gifted people I’ve ever met or read about are homosexual. How can you knock it?”  Lucille Ball

Act of Gay Resurrections and Falling Cows in Brazil – Oh the Pope is There Too


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Act of Gay would like to remind all of our proud Act of Gayers out there that we have been repeatedly told that we are responsible for powerful events that occur around the world. We now own that power and we will not allow the Pope or anyone else to attempt to usurp us in that realm. So, this episode of Act of Gay is dedicate to the Pope, his current scandals, which ironically are of the gayest nature, and his visit to Brazil.


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These fantastic women know what’s going on and they went straight to the Vatican to let them know.  Just in case you don’t know who they are – these are Femen.  You may remember that a while back we covered Homen, a homoerotic homophobic men’s group, well Femen are a homoerotic homo loving women’s group and Act of Gay salute them!


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Just in case you didn’t understand quite how cool these women are, we thought we’d share one more gratuitous image of them because we love them.

Now, back to today’s episode.  After a week of tawdry and homolicious stories emanating from the Vatican, including our favorite about the Pope’s appointee to sort out their highly dubious finances being caught with a rent boy in an elevator, the Pope has just hit Brazil.

All the Closets are Full at the Vatican So Now They are in Elevators

Brazil is a Catholic country, but it’s also a country with lots of queers.  Wonderful, boisterous queers who held a protest upon the Popely arrival.  Not just any old protest but a good ole gay and lesbian kiss in!

Gay Kissing for Christ


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The above image is a graphic representation of what we think the kiss in may have looked like as we have no other images to show you at this point.  We feel it is an excellent representation.  Don’t you?

So the Pope not only has gays running riot around the Vatican and trouble in his bank accounts, but it appears that the queers are revolting.  Can’t imagine why.  Could it have something to do with the ongoing Catholic obsession with gay marriage.


image from viralpoliticsblog.wordpress

We think that the Pope should perhaps be focusing on the sins of his own rather than on the sex lives of others.

Investigators in Rome are combing through the 19,000 accounts held by the Vatican’s bank in search of money laundering and other crimes, in a long-delayed attempt to clean up the institution’s tarnished reputation.

Washing Money at the Vatican

As Act of Gay are feeling particularly benevolent towards Brazil and its gorgeous gays, lesbians and transgendered people, let’s look at what we will bequest upon them.

Since the Pope is present and he tries to claim all miracles for himself, we thought we’d show we’re in the same league.  The only way to do that would be…well..we suppose..resurrection.  So gays, let’s give some praise and claim our own little miracle. While the parents of baby Yasmin believe that the miracle of her resurrection was something from God, we’d like to enlighten them that the gays love babies and want them all to survive and live long and happy lives and therefore the power of the gay can, indeed, bring miracles.  If we can be granted the power of tsunamis and hurricanes, we also claim the power of giving life.

Dead  Baby Risen by Miracle – Could be Act of Gay

Act of Gay were also present to prevent a tragic baby killing cow falling incident. Sadly, our miracles normally only extend to babies and animals, so we must admit that we had a minor slip up and an adult was, in fact, killed by a cow falling through his roof. Nevertheless:

 In the second case, the cow just missed falling on top of a baby and a small child that were sleeping. The near-miss was described as a miracle.

Cows Fall Through Roofs in Brazil

Keeping true to our word about helping animals too, (though we do have some regrets about those cows) Act of Gay is proud to announce that we may have been responsible for Boss, the Brazilian drug sniffing dog, locating 6,919 packets of cocaine worth more than half a million US dollars this week.

Boss Saving Crack Babies Through Pawvention

So, today we’ve given you Vatican scandals, falling cows and resurrecting babies.  What more could you ever want from us?  If you have ideas, please do let us know.  While we wait, we’ll leave you with this video of the anti-Pope kiss in that was held in Brazil yesterday. Watch it and support our LGBT – and all the other letters in the alphabet – friends in Brazil. They’ve been invaded by the leader of all haters.  They need our communal Act of Gays.

Going Dutch! Act of Gay loves on Holland


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There’s always been something special, fabulous and very gay about Holland.  Could it be their rainbow inspired tulip fields?


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Could it be that even their marijuana is a little bit queer?


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Maybe it’s because somehow, even their military equipment seems a bit on the fagulous side.


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Could it be that it’s the home of the stupendously talented and never to be forgotten Sugar Lee Hooper?

One thing that has never crossed our mind when thinking of Holland is incredibly bravery in the face of ridiculous oppressive Russian hatred. So today, we are both surprised and a little bit alarmed to hear that four Dutch citizens were arrested and interrogated in Russia under their backwards and bizarre hate laws banning discussing homosexuality with anyone under 18.

Brave Gay Invaders Subvert Russia

While making a documentary about LGBT people in Russia, they have been accused of spreading ‘gay propaganda’.  Propaganda is of course, as we know, completely alien to Russia and they clearly have much to fear from foreigners importing their foreign gay ideas – because there are no fucking gays in Russia.


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We’ve dealt with Russia and it’s stupid oppressive regime in previous episodes of Act of Gay, so instead we’re going to focus on Holland and make sure that some positive Act of Gay is sent their way to thank them for their brave gay warriors.


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First, Act of Gay would like to recognize the collective Dutch amazingness with some great weather.  So get ready our little Dutch friends. Here comes the sunshine!


Warm & Sunny to You From Act of Gay

But you deserve more than good weather.  Now you’ve got us  thinking. What Act of Gay could we send your way?  Oh, wait a minute!  We know.  Millionaires.  We bless you with Millionaires!

The number of Dutch households with over a million US dollars has increased by 13% in the last year.  If gayness brings tsunamis it’s brought Holland tsunamis of cash.

Holland’s Canals to Fill With Money

As if that weren’t enough.  We just had to take it another step further and we know that now we’ve set another Act of Gay bar, up so high, other countries will be jealous – but we don’t care because you deserve it Holland!  So, what could get better?  Unicorns?  Ok, maybe not unicorns, but how about dolphins? Yes Holland.  Act of Gay is making sure that more dolphins are heading your way.


image from

Lovely Porpoises Make Us All Happy

Sunshine, dolphins and millionaires. Sounds like a good time will be had by all.  Stay brave you gay Dutch soldiers.  You make us proud.

Plenty of Good News in Pennsylvania – Act of Gay tells you why


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Did we, at Act of Gay, hear correctly?  Can it  be true?  We’ll never tell another lawyer joke again. The quite delightful Kathleen Kane, Attorney General of Pennsylvania, has refused to fight a lawsuit brought against the US State by the America Civil Liberties Union challenging the state’s ban on gay marriage.


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We’re happy to introduce you to this ballsy woman, who has shown solidarity with her queer Pennsylvania community and stood up for equal rights for all.

Act of Gay salutes the Pennsylvania Attorney General and hopes that the Governor will now do the right thing and refuse to contest the case at all.  It would be stupid to waste all those tax payers dollars on being W-R-O-N-G!

Doin’ the Right thing in PA


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It’s no surprise to Act of Gay that in the same week that the Attorney General of Pennsylvania has brought a ray of sunshine to the legal profession that miracles are occurring all over the state.

Is it a coincidence that on the same day that this announcement was made, a little 5 year old girl who went missing was found safe by two teenagers?

Act of Gay Says Hooray for Little Girl Found in PA

What could beat that happy ending?  Well, there were more child like miracles yesterday that may just be Acts of Gay.  We wonder what you call a 14lb baby?

Giant Baby Celebration

The children are indeed a gift that keeps on giving.

Little Ganesh Selvakumar of Pennsylvania, went to the White House yesterday and got to meet the fabulous first lady, Michelle Obama.  He received this honor for creating a simply delicious chutney recipe and was the Pennsylvania winner of the 2013 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge.  We have no doubt that a sprinkle of rainbow dust is what made the recipe a real winner.

Act of Gay Promotes Health in PA

Because Act of Gay is so excited by all these young miracles who symbolize the importance of equality, fairness and liberty for all, we’d like to make a big shout out to all the gay parents and families out there.  You make us proud!


Pennsylvania, Act of Gay reminds you that we may be able to heavily influence the possibility of miracles or natural disasters in your state because the gays were granted that power by those who hate gays. (Isn’t that ironic?)  We urge you to set an example to the rest of the USA that the home of independence is also the home of true equality for all Americans.  Please give children in Pennsylvania the right to have married parents, whatever their gender or sexual orientation and also give children the hope to know that they will grow up in a state free of bigotry, where they will be able to marry the person they love.

China’s Gay Marriage with the USA and Rainbow Love for Germany

image from China, you are in our big, fat, rainbow Act of Gay eye.  Many may not know it, but China has been ahead of the gay game for a while.  They decriminalized homosexuality before the USA and appear … Continue reading

Act of Gay Crossing Borders for Love


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Look at these two handsome young men.  They show that gays are all about love.  Gays will conquer all political divides and it is for this reason that today, Act of Gay celebrates Irish people from both sides of the border.  What brought Ireland and Northern Ireland into the lamp light of Act of Gay, we hear you asking.  Two majorly very cool things.

Northern Ireland, a country steeped in religious tradition, lit up the town hall of their capital city, Belfast, with rainbow colors!


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Then, the Lord Mayor Mairtin O Muilleoir led the Gay Pride parade.

Pink Guinness Anyone?

Northern Ireland are proving to the world that they are leaders in the quest for equality for all of their citizens.  Top politicians from the country even formed a panel to answer questions presented by the LGBT community.

Politicians in Northern Ireland Know the Pot of Gold is at the End of the Rainbow

South of the border in Ireland, a gay rights hero has emerged of a different and faceless ilk.  All hail Paddy Hack!  Our favorite, mysterious modern day superheroes, Anonymous and it’s merry band of hackers were represented by Paddy Hack in an attack on Nigeria and its anti gay bill, looking to criminalize gay marriage and participation in gay social events with terrible penalties.

Today the Nigerian government woke up to this message on their website along with a demand for the President to renounce and veto the bill.

“Failure to follow our order will unleash a torrent of fury aimed directly at the direction of your administration, starting with some startling but unsurprising evidence of corruption in your ranks,” the message continued.

He added: “No need to start destroying evidence. I already have it.”


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Act of Gay is now going to make its pronouncements.  First, we’d like to suggest that Act of Gay, in recognition of Belfast’s beautiful behavior, should get some beautiful weather.   Weather forecaster, recognizing the benevolency of Act of Gay, announced today,

“In Belfast it will be around 26C, so a very warm day with prolonged sunny spells.  The good weather will last right through the week with temperatures in the mid-20s. Every day should reach about 25C or 26C at least.”


image from – marchers at Belfast Pride enjoy the great weather

You’re welcome Belfast.

But, because Belfast has been so extra good to their gays, we thought that Act of Gay had to do something in recognition of gayness, not just across the world, but across the spectrum of species.

Which animal do we know form loving, long term, monogamous, gay relationships?  Penguins of course!  So, Act of Gay is beyond excited to announce that Belfast Zoo have had the wonderful and clearly, miraculous, arrival of six new penguin chicks.  These chicks are born with a purpose – and that is to help with the conservation of their species.  But we’re  relieved to know that they were born in Northern Ireland and that even if they are LGBT penguins, they will be loved equally.

Potentially Gay Penguins at Belfast Zoo


image from

Just to make sure no one thinks Act of Gay is speciesist in any way, we care about the humans too.  Jobs for Belfast.  Act of Gay says they are heading your way.  Beannchor group is investing a heap of money into Belfast and will create 50 new jobs for humans by the autumn!

Gays Love Hospitality

Due to Paddy Hack, we felt that it was important to share the great weather with Ireland.  So today is the hottest day of the year so far.  Ireland has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but it isn’t often blessed with the sort of fantastic weather that Act of Gay is able to announce today.  So, Ireland, get to the beach and thank Paddy Hack for the sunshine!


image from

Paddy Hack Brings Rays of Light

Act of Gay would also like to congratulate Ireland on their stupendous performance in the World Cricket League Game against the Netherlands, taking them one step closer to  qualifying for the World Cup in Australia – which is another country that Act of Gay loves.

We’re Waiting for an Irish Cricketer to Come Out Batting

Inspired by tales of fit men with large, hard wooden sticks and balls of steel, we leave you with this timely and gratuitous image of James Anderson, a friend of all gay cricketers.

“If there are any gay cricketers, they should feel confident enough to come out, because I don’t think there is homophobia in cricket.” – James Anderson.


Sing Out Loud and Proud for Singapore’s Gays!

Singapore has an LGBT movement to be proud of.  Home of the unique and fabulous Pink Dot Rally, this year over 20,000 Singapore citizens, LGBT people, their families, friends, supporters and loved ones gathered to make their voices heard. Pink … Continue reading

Today Act of Gay Salutes USA and Rhymes All The Way





image from The

Well we just wanted to celebrate on behalf of all of our gay and fabulous brothers and sisters in the USA and say ‘Hooray!’. We are feeling very rhymey today but that’s because it’s a Gay Day in the USA!!!!

Fuck you homophobes

Just in case you don’t understand what all that means, let us help you.


Oh yes we did.  Did you get that you mean American homophobes!


It’s all about this now!


And in case you need some help understanding.

gay marriage usa the facts

Enough gloating now. It’s time for Act of Gay to present you with the sort of miracle that demonstrates the power of the gays and what happens when you’re good to them.   Well, Gay USA – you’re stock market is taking off in a big way!  Do I hear you say hooray????


Congratulations America and all our American Queer friends, fans, followers, reporters and everyone else.  Things can only just keep getting better!

American Stock Market Gets a Hard On for the Gays

Kraft Foods Cut the Mustard with Gay Poupon!


Act of Gay says ‘Grab your hotdog, squirt your mustard and get on and ride cowboy!’  Today is a day to celebrate.  Not since Kraft Food’s last foodtastic gay marketing campaign for Oreos, have we seen a food item we want so badly.


So now let’s share what has the mustard world so happy and gay.



Kraft proudly captioned this image with

“June is National Pride month. Though the festivities technically only last a month, we recommend celebrating all year – because Pride and good taste never go out of season.”

Goes On Smooth Tastes Spicy

Act of Gay of course feels the need to respond at times like these and so we’re very happy to announce that good things befall individuals, companies and countries that are nice to the gays.  In honor of Kraft’s gay credibility, we would like to announce that Kraft stocks continue to rise exponentially and despite predictions to the contrary, their returns are remarkable.  See what happens when you’re nice to gays.  Other companies take heed as we have the power to send Act of Gay in your direction!

Gay Love Makes You Rich

The rest of you, go out and buy some Grey Poupon today. Let’s show them what the pink dollar can do for their mustard shareholders!  Before we know it all of our food will be covered in rainbows, unicorns, pink fairies and everything homo.Image

Loving Your Gays = Cheaper Gas


Berkey & Gay Furniture Co.’s salesrooms, Grand Rapids, Michigan.  [Grand Rapids views] (1870-1890)

Well, well, well.  It would appear that Grand Rapids Michigan may indeed have a long and gay history. At least its furniture does.  Either way, we’re happy to report that despite being lumbered with a completely bonkers politician wannabe, Richard Ryskamp, who describes himself as a ‘social conservative’ and has useful things to contribute to society such as:

University of Michigan engages in “the training of abortionists to the promotion of sodomy through courses like ‘How to be Gay.’”  Mr. I Am Obsessed With Gay Sex


He also said the diversity programs are immoral, and have popularized “homosexual conduct” and engaged in “mocking Jesus Christ.”

This charming piece of human detritus was trying to push his homophobic, anti arts and anti green energy beliefs upon the Grand Rapids Community College.  We do have to wonder how he managed to get himself elected to the Board of Trustees, but that is another issue.  Fortunately, the rest of the Trustees, aside from another questionable person called Richard Stewart, who founded the Evangelical Choir Society, voted against his motions for the College to stop funding diversity, the arts and green energy.

Grand Rapids Will Have Plays, Solar Energy and Gays

For this reason, Act of Gay feels it is time to recognize the town of Grand Rapids Michigan, as it seems to be a wonderful place which embraces its gays.   In fact, last Saturday, was West Michigan’s Gay Pride celebration with about 20,000 people in attendance.

Out and Proud in West Michigan

Not only that, but the much more entertaining and fabulous group the West Michigan’s Gay Men’s Chorus, who we adore for their natty dressing and adorable members, were there too!

With Grand Rapids Michigan just bursting at the seams with all this fabulousness, what on earth could Act of Gay do to truly let them know how much they are loved for their love of the gays.

Your gas prices are down!  Oh yes.  Time for even more celebrations.  Act of Gay has clearly demonstrated the immense power of kindness towards the gays.  This is our gift to you.

Gas Prices Take a Bow to Honor the Gays


image from rural