Crazy Gay and Fabulous Ants Invade – Lock Up Your Electonics


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When you think of Texas you think of two things, cowboys and big oil.  When you think of cowboys, you think of one thing….well we do anyway….Brokeback Mountain.  Exxon, the oil company that brought us the most recent oil spill in Mayflower, Arkansas, where an entire community is allegedly suffering ill affects, with 22 families losing their homes and more reporting sickness – is proud to announce that they consider gay people second class citizens.  So, there will not be the Brokeback Oilman sequel.

Sick of Exxon

Well Exxon, you must be so proud of your true, independent Texas spirit, refusing to treat your gay employees like your straight ones.  That’s the spirit.

Exxon Oil Not Lubricating Well for Gays

So, in honor of that crazy Texan spirit,  Act of Gay brings you Crazy Ants.  Oh yes, not just any ol’ ant will do for those crazy Texas oil men. Crazy Ants are known to live in electronic equipment and then destroy it.  A bit like living on a planet and errr destroying it.  Any ants we send your way have to be deeply and truly crazy.  As crazy as this!

God Loves Fags and Ants

Charming and deeply sensitive Exxon CEO, Rex Tillerson, said  “What good is it to save the planet if humanity suffers?”  on Wednesday at their annual meeting.   Well, Rex, Act of Gay suggests that you get on your crazy ant and ride as quickly as possible and stop worrying so much about ..hmmm…let’s see..your employees, the planet…and oh yeah…humanity!


A Reminder about the Griner


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We, at Act of Gay, are powerful but benevolent with that power.  There are times when a small miracle is necessary to show that more could be done and what could be achieved with a little bit of effort.  Brittney Griner, the most famous female basketball star in the world, is out, proud and may we say hot! hot! hot!

Waco Would be Wacko not to Love Griner

Her journey to come out was a tough one, but when she joined the college that truly made her career, she was open with them about her sexuality. Despite being a Baptist college with an anti homosexuality policy, they recognized her skill and rated that over their deeply felt beliefs that Jesus wants them to be mean to gays.  While they never publicly stated support for her sexual identity, they did support her career.  For that, we give a tiny little salute – actually two tiny little salutes to Baylor University in Waco, Texas and here they are.


Image by Sherri Patterson

These twin fillies most definitely qualify as an Act of Gay miracle with the chance of mother and babies surviving a 1 in 10,000 chance.  We are proud to report these small miracles born in Waco.  Given history, who knows who Act of Gay could arrange to be born there next.

Miraculous Fillies a Gift to Griner

Now that you’ve seen what can come when you’re a little bit nice, we remind you that Act of Gay is watching.  So Baylor University – it’s time to be a lot nice!  Jesus does not want you to be mean to gays.  He told us so.  He thinks that girls should be able to play with any kind of balls they want to and if they don’t want to play with balls – they don’t have to!  Get with the game Baylor.