The Most Fabulous Worms Have Turned


Put on your best uniform boys. The worms are going to war to save the gays.

Save the Gays the Worms Proclaim

Army worms, a scourge for crops in Zambia, decided to march to a different drummer.  A rainbow one at that.  Could it be that an Act of Gay resulted in a pitch invasion of a different kind?  Yes indeed, the worms came out in force to make their little wormy voices heard on mass at the soccer stadium in Mwanawasa.

Locked up for Love

Perhaps the worm is not the animal of choice to represent the gay community as such a diminutive phallic symbol, but Mother Nature, as we know, has her ways and we would think that this possible Act of Gay should be a warning shot to the Zambian government.  First an army of worms.  What could be in store for them next?  Do they really want this hanging over their heads for the upcoming Council of Southern African Football Associations (COSAFA) Senior challenge in July?

Zambia, stop arresting men who love men.  It’s a bad, bad thing to do.  Let the gays worm their way into your hearts and love them like your brothers and sisters.  Be nice to the gays.  You’ve been ‘wormed’!  They could be under your feet at this very moment.


And if you don’t get the message from the worms.  Act of Gay could arrange for these to be your next visitors.


The Penis Fish (yes, they are real!)

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