Dobby’s Declaration – Miracle Sheep Savior an Act of Gay


Photo – Dorset Echo

It comes as no surprise to Act of Gay that Dobby has pronounced upon the miracle that saved his life.   You may remember our recent blog, outlining the miraculous events that led to the rescue of Dobby, the cliff jumping Labrador from England.  He was saved by a sheep.  Act of Gay suggested that  this was no less than a miracle in honor of gay marriage being passed in British House of Commons.

Inter species Miracle

An Act of Gay reader contacted us with this screen shot, confirming what we’ve known all along – after all, what is ‘dog’ spelled backwards.  Dobby’s owner agrees that his life was saved by an Act of Gay.


In honor of Dobby’s declaration, we formally pronounce the 3rd of June 2013 as Saint Dobby Day.  Congratulations Saint Dobby and may your owners recognize your saintly promotion with a big lamb bone.

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