Utah Beware – The Mussel Boys are Coming


Utah is a state in America that few people know much about.  Well today you’ll get a lesson that you’ve never wished for.  This is a landlocked state known internationally for its state wide ban on hunting whales.  Yes, you heard us right.  Utah bans the hunting of whales.  You would think that would be fishy enough, but no, they also ban fishing from horseback.   Makes us wonder if Captain Ahab ever rode into Salt Lake City on his trusty steed, while in possession of a harpoon.

What else is Utah famous for?  Well, Act of Gay is not known for following stereotypes, so we won’t mention Mormonism or allow ourselves to sink to the level of making jokes about this rather interesting religion.  Wait a minute!  We aren’t that politically correct.  Magic underwear?  Really?

Yes really!  And we have to introduce you to a wonderful website where you too can purchase these powerful undergarments.  Mormon’s Secret

We think you’ll agree that it does indeed appear to be a magical product.


See how easily distracted we get at Act of Gay.  Back to our item.  Utah is well known for being very gay unfriendly.  Even though we are delighted to report that some fabulous Mormons joined this year’s Utah Pride celebration on Saturday the 1st of June.   Maybe that magic underwear is working!

We Love Nice Mormons

But Act of Gay must remind Utah that they have a long way to go and because of that, only a small, but rather annoying, plague has been brought upon them and there is a marine like flow to this blog because we’d like to introduce you to the quagga mussel.


Quagga mussels are an invasive species that causes all sorts of trouble and annoyance – and if there is anything that Act of Gay supports in a place that doesn’t treat it’s gays like the queens they are, it’s being annoying.  So, Utah – be nice before we have to send in some more  ‘mussel’ to convince you.

Musseling out homophobia in Utah

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