Rainbow Dingos to Plague Australia


Fierce and frightening gay dingos are running rampage in Australia it seems.  Act of Gay suggests that Australian legislators should get off the fence and stop acting like a bunch of wombats.  (Act of Gay just wanted an excuse to refer to wombats, which are incredibly cute but not particularly fierce.)

Seriously though, how can Australia even waver on this issue with Aussies being well known to delight in a bit of gay parading.  If Australian legislators are really trying to deny the authenticity of Australia’s essential gayness, please explain this…


image from gay-australia.qguide.com



image from annamariacom.blogspot.com

and this.


image from Myfamilyproducts.net

For goodness sake Australia, this is why Act of Gay has had to become involved. We really didn’t want to, but we had no choice and look what you’ve made happen.  A plague of wild dogs is now threatening your sheep industry.  Please don’t force us to discuss sheep any more than this in the context of a blog on sexuality.  We will just gently suggest that you could save your sheep by being nice to your gays.

Gay Dingos on Rampage

Get rid of your gay hating politicians like DLP senator John Madigan, who clearly has no understanding of the history of marriage.

If They Can Vote on Our Rights, We Should Be Able to Vote on Theirs

Marriage existed long before your belief system did Mr. Homophobe Madigan, so shut up, sit down and let people marry the consenting adults that they love – unless you prefer sheep of course and we all know, Mr. Madigan, sheep can’t consent!


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