Idaho Has Wear Your Tutu to Work Day!


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In a perfect world we could all wear tutus to work.  Maybe there should be a wear your tutu to work Friday.  But because of Idaho Republican Cornel Rasor, we may never live in a perfect world. It appears the Mr. Rasor has tutuphobia and he is terrified that should anti discrimination laws be passed in Idaho, men will turn up to work wearing tutus.

Rasor said “I’d hire a gay guy if I thought he was a good worker. But if he comes into work in a tutu … he’s not producing what I want in my office.”

It’s Tutu Much for Equality in Idaho

This complete and utter stupidity has of course inspired an internet meme sensation and as we’d never heard of this Rasnor guy before, we think he has been crowned the tutued fairy queen of stupid.


This level of stupidity tolerated by Idaho politicians must see the wrath of Act of Gay. So, we present to you, not one, but two infestations being brought upon Idaho.  First, let us introduce you to Hoary Cress, which we think might be aptly named, should Mr. Rasnor feel like a ‘hoar’, while secretly dressing in a tutu.  Oh yes, “whip, me beat me, call me a dirty tutu wearing ‘hoar’ ” we can hear him crying.  Hoary cress and other such invasive weeds are costing Idaho tax payers millions.

Eliminate Hoariness by Equalizing Homos

Stupidity on such a grand scale really does require double the infestation, so let us introduce you to the second blight to punish Idaho – The New Zealand Mudsnail, a tiny creature causing unknown havoc.  Slimy and small, they are a menace that can only be eradicated through the elimination of tutuphobia.

Gay Snails Don’t Reproduce.  Think about it Idaho

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