Homer Makes us Love Homos – The Simpsons 25 Years


Act of Gay normally remains in the real world, but there is no doubt that The Simpsons have become such an important part of modern day culture that they are almost real and so, today, Act of Gay feels it’s important to mark the contribution that The Simpsons have made to the  international LGBT community in their 25 years.  While we note that Homer Simpson’s fine form may have inspired many homo erotic fantasies in his time, we feel that there is more to this than his tight, firm, round buttocks and naughty grin.

German researcher, Erwin In het Panhuis, has discovered that The Simpsons have changed attitudes towards gay couples and even encouraged gays to break their way out of their closets.

The Simpsons are Gay Heroes

Many will be familiar with and fond of Patty Bouvier, Marge Simpson’s lesbian sister, who has always been out and proud and who almost married her lover Veronica.


But we shouldn’t forget the host of other LGBT characters in the show.  There have been eleven openly LGBT characters and a number more, who are in the closet.

Find Out What’s Queer in Springfield

In fact, Springfield even legalized gay marriage


Act of Gay, therefore, feels it is necessary to bring its blessings to one of the world’s favorite imaginary towns.

First, it is possible that Act of Gay used its powers to inspire this article investigating whether or not The Simpsons is actually TV’s most sacred show.

Act of Gay has ‘Faith’ in The Simpsons

Converse, the beloved shoes of vegan gays, may have received some encouragement from Act of Gay to collaborate with them on a line of fabulous, Simpsons inspired footwear.


image from Converse go homo..err Homer

Even more exciting than that, gay icon, Daniel Radcliffe will be returning to The Simpsons this year.  Oh swoon!

Handsome Daniel and Homo errr… Homer


Could Act of Gay be any more generous to The Simpsons?  Clearly, so.  Homer’s dream car has been turned into a reality by a racing team and competed this weekend in the Le Mons Race in California.  As unbelievable as it sounds, this is just a demonstration of what can be achieved when you are good to the gays.

See Homer’s Dream Car Here

And as if that weren’t enough, visitors to Universal Studios can now celebrate 25 years of the gay loving Simpsons with a Flaming Moe at their new and expanded Simpsons area at the park.

Time for Something Flaming (oh it’s just Moe)

Act of Gay loves the Simpsons and all its LGBT and closeted characters.  In honor of their contribution to the world of gay, we leave you with Homer’s Gay Song.


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