Ooh La La – Leash Your Homoerotic Homophobes France

France - Homen 1

image from policymic.com

Act of Gay is confused. We are tres confused.  The image above is, apparently, the modern face of French homophobia.  Just in case you’re not sure why we are confused.  Here’s another image of this group of French homophobes to send your brain and other parts into apoplexy.

france - homen beach

image from news.yahoo.com

The French have always done things their own way and it seems their homophobes definitely want to be different.  Act of Gay can’t imagine that they ever admire one another’s oiled, tanned, muscled bodies or show affection in public places.

france - homen 2

image from policymic.com

Half Naked Hot Men Hate Gays

So, while Act of Gay deals with deep inner conflict about this group, who call themselves ‘Hommen’, a clearly self believed clever play on the French word ‘homme’, which means men in French, we promise to try to maintain our focus.  So, we will instead, turn to our duty as Act of Gay and deal out some sort of punishment that we feel fairly reflects this crime against the LGBT community.  Oh but it’s hard, and by hard, we mean, very difficult you dirty minded readers.

So, if French homophobes want to display their tight, honed, bulging bodies to the world, we believe that it is time that the French got a taste of their own medicine.  Meet the Tour de France mooning man.

france - moon tour de france

image from thesun.co.uk

This creative gentleman clearly thought up something completely novel to make sure that he got world wide exposure of his ass. Fame and success at last it seems.  But Act of Gay would like to point out that this is actually an Act of Gay message to all of those Hommen French Homophobes.  Please show us your asses.  Just a little bit.  C’mon.  Play fair.

Moon Over France

For our Act of Gayers who are disappointed with this minimal, pearly white Act of Gay, we have one other morsel up our flamboyant gay sleeves.

france tuber worm

image from sciencedaily.com

We’re not suggesting that this creature, known as a tuber worm, looks any thing like a certain type of dildo.  Well OK, maybe a bit like this one.

france - double dildo

image from letmyou.net

But what it does do is destroy potato crops and apparently it is creeping up into the South of France from the Mediterranean.

Dildo Shaped Worms Will Eat Your Potatoes 

What else could a dildo looking worm be but a message from Act of Gay?  So France, get your homophobes in line and show us their asses, or at least tell them to cover up a bit because the world thinks that they are the most homoerotic homophobes on the planet and that is just too ironic, even for Act of Gay.

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