The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in Romania


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Romania is not a country normally associated with gay activism.  At least by us ignorant little bunnies at Act of Gay.  As worldly as we’d like to regard ourselves, we still find ourselves resorting to classic stereotypes.  When thinking of Romania what comes to our minds are vampires.


Not wanting to be discriminatory of course, Act of Gay looked into this connection and was able to give a big sigh of political correctness when we discovered that the Romanian Tourism Board are actively encouraging the connection between Dracula and Romania.

Pulling the Stake out of Dracula’s Chest for Tourism

We also think of Romany gypsies when we think of Romania.  Gypsies like these.


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When we think of Romany gypsies, we don’t usually think of gypsies like THIS!


This is Azis, an out, gay Romany gypsy. Admittedly he is from Bulgaria, but we reckon that’s a moot point given his gypsy fabulousness, which Act of Gay felt obliged to share.  He is a major talent and we can only describe his music as sexy, gay, gypsy folk disco.  Try it, you might like it.  We know we’re huge fans now!

Having been terribly distracted by the gorgeous Azis, we now return to our normal broadcast. The Bucharest soccer (football) team in Romania have been very bad boys, but they’ve been spanked by the gays and for that we are thrilled.  Given that homophobes are usually closeted themselves, we suspect they might be thrilled too.

romania spank

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We are very proud of Romania’s gay mouthpiece, ACCEPT, for showing the football team what real balls are and for standing up for what’s right against stupid, stupid, stupid homophobic people.

A shareholder of the football team, Mr. Becali, when hearing that a new member of their team being transferred from another club might, just possibly be of the homosexual variety, he said:

“Not even if I had to close [FC Steaua] down would I accept a homosexual on the team…..Maybe he’s not a homosexual…but what if he is?… There’s no room for gays in my family and [FC Steaua] is my family. It would be better to play with a junior rather than someone who was gay. No one can force me to work with anyone. I have rights just as they do and I have rights to work with whomever I choose.

Even if God told me in a dream that it was 100 percent certain that X wasn’t a homosexual I still wouldn’t take him. Too much has been written in the papers about his being a homosexual…He could be the biggest troublemaker, the biggest drinker…but if he’s a homosexual I don’t want to know about him”

Rather than acting like mature and intelligent adults, the football team did not distance themselves from this statement and ACCEPT, took them to court for discrimination.  The case is quite complicated and finally was completed in the European Court of Justice, where the Bucharest football team were found guilty of discrimination.  Congratulations ACCEPT and all the beautiful LGBT people of Romania for fighting your corner so bravely.

Bucharest Football Team Gets Owned by the Gays

As Act of Gay are not just full of gay power but also purveyors of justice, we thought we’d give you a little look into sports in Romania so you can see exactly why this stupid, stupid, stupid homophobia might exist.

Just last month the United European Football Association (UEFA) gave the same Bucharest football team a suspended sentence for cheating.  Not only are they stupid homophobes but they are cheats as well.

Homophobia a Symptom of Other Badness

But wait. It’s not just their football teams either.  Those involved in Romanian sports were caught cheating in gymnastics as well!

Can’t you Win Without Cheating Romania

Act of Gay thinks that it’s time Romania remembers that it’s people were once persecuted too and so they should stop for a minute and think about what they are doing to their LGBT community. While Act of Gay does recognize that Romania has taken many steps in recent years towards some sort of equality, including introducing hate crime laws, this has not stopped terrible incidents of homophobia happening openly, such as during the showing of a gay movie in February during which LGBT viewers were threatened and terrorized by a group of spineless, cowardly bullies and the police stood by and did nothing.  You still have a long way to go Romania.

Idiot Bullies Terrorize Movie Goers 

Act of Gay is watching. Don’t make us feel like we have to re visit you.  Treat your gays right and we’ll stop mentioning the cheating for now.

In the meantime, we celebrate and join hands with our LGBT brothers and sisters Romania.


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